Online Frozen Foods Ordering System

Frozen foods ordering system source code is designed for a frozen foods business. The main purpose of this. Frozen foods Ordering System is to make the ordering transaction fast with accuracy, to keep and secure the order records, to avoid delay of pick- up of the ordered products and most especially, is to promote the products. The following are the company’s goal in reaching the best service they can give to their valued customers. A direct customer is a customer that will call the company directly and place an order. The main objectives of frozen foods are to develop a reliable, convenient and accurate Ordering System. To develop a system that will surely satisfy customer service. To design a system able to accommodate a huge amount of orders at a time. To evaluate its performance and acceptability in terms of security, user-friendliness, accuracy, and reliability. To improve the communication between the client and the server and minimize the time of ordering.

Features of Ordering System source code:

Admin Side

  • Manage Customer
  • Manage Employee
  • Secure Login
  • Customer Profile
  • Manage Products
  • Manage Supplier
  • Manage Order(Completed or not Completed)

Client Side

  • Customer Registration
  • Product Inquiry
  • Login Customer
  • Add to Cart
  • Ordered Product(delivery)

Download the full source code of Ordering System source code.

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