10 Essential Laravel Development Tools You Need To Know

Web development is becoming increasingly popular in the digital world. Out of all other software development, web development is the one that has seen an ever-growing demand for developers and development tools.

Currently, there are 1.58 billion websites live on the internet, and the count is rising continuously. Recently, web frameworks have been trending, and there are way too many frameworks for web development.

PHP is a scripting language that has been used in many world-class software products.

Laravel is one such web development framework for PHP. Developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, PHP has always dominated dynamic website creation.

Due to that, a number of other web development frameworks started surfacing, but none of them has been as famous as Laravel.

10 Essential Laravel Development Tools

Laravel was developed and open-sourced by Taylor Otwell in the year 2011. It follows an MVC architecture that is widely accepted in the web development community. To ease out the development tasks, there are specific tools that developers need. Such tools are called development tools. There are specialized development tools for many languages, and Laravel also has some good development tools that help Laravel Development Agencies to build mind-blowing websites.

I hope this article makes you understand all the core characteristics and benefits of Laravel. So that purpose we need laravel developers for hire which explains to us clearly why it has boosted popularity to us.

Here are ten Laravel development tools that you cannot miss out on while carrying out development activities.


The first and foremost tool that helps begin project development is IDE. To start developing projects with Laravel and PHP, you need an IDE that is tailor-made. PHPStorm is such an IDE. It was developed as an IDE that can support development in the PHP language.

This IDE is intelligent and can help you with autocomplete suggestions made just for the PHP language. Just like all other IDEs in the market, PHPstorm does all the works pretty well. It also protects your code from getting into blunders. It has intelligent refactoring solutions to ease out the refactoring tasks for any Laravel program.


BitBucket is a code management tool. If you’ve worked on projects before with multiple developers, you’ll know the pain of managing and collaborating code. BitBucket helps to get rid of such problems. It is a code management tool just like git.

If you are developing a small-scale project with Laravel, then you cannot miss using bitbucket. Using this tool, you can manage your code and collaborate with other team members effectively.

If you are looking to incorporate advanced DevOps and CI & CD methodologies, then BitBucket has in-built support for such things. So setting up and working on such methodologies while working with Laravel is relatively easy.

Laravel Backup

Having a backup is always a good option. You never know when a server or computer might crash. If the crash happens suddenly, you may lose all the application data and files too. A developer has to prevent this.

Being a developer, you can safeguard yourself from such problems by using Laravel backup. It is a development tool that allows you to take a complete backup of the files used by the web application.

This development tool creates a simple zip backup and also includes a database dump for your web application. In case anything goes wrong, you can get your project running by unzipping the backup.


Following a role-based model can provide an additional security level in Laravel web applications. Entrust helps you achieve this. Entrust has four tables that correspond to the role, role user, permissions, and permission roles.

Using these four tables, you can set up roles and responsibilities in your web application.


User Verification

User verification is an integral part of any software. Laravel builds web applications, and with so many spam users flowing here and there, it is vital to secure a web application.

User verification is a Laravel tool that is useful in letting users signup on a web application. With this tool embedded in the development, a link to the registered email id can be sent to verify a user. An email address is soundproof of a user’s authenticity, and it is widely accepted in software development. This tool provides such benefits. It is good to use this when you are building a prototype and want to include user signup processes ultimately.


If you don’t like user verification, then socialite is another choice for you. It is better to provide sign-in and signup options using popular social platforms. This increases the chances of users signing up for your web application. Moreover, the signup process also becomes relatively more straightforward.

Using socialite, you can allow users to signup on to your web application using Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linked In, and GitHub. The best part about Socialite is that it uses the OAuth standards and is a completely secure way of sign-in.


Do you want to secure your websites from bot attacks? If yes, then no captcha is a must. It runs above the google ReCaptcha service and provides your website with numerous captcha.

To use the NoCaptcha tool, you need to obtain an API key by signing up on google’s ReCaptcha service page. Once ready, the API will provide your web application with secure captchas. You can use them to validate user actions and protect your website from bot attacks and other cyber attacks.


To properly work on a Laravel application, you need a CLI that can control everything. Tinker is used in Laravel projects to keep an eye on events and objects. With Tinker, a developer can access every object and event taking place in the application from a command line. If you are working with Laravel versions above 5.4, you’ll need to install this as a separate utility for your project.

Laravel Debugbar

Developing an application is easy, but catching that one bug in a production environment is challenging. Debugging is a very lengthy process, and many developers don’t like it. But when you do Laravel development, you have a tool called Laravel debugbar that can be used for debugging Laravel web applications.

This is a full-fledged debugging tool, and it uncovers everything about a project. It lies beneath the standard bar of a browser and keeps an eye on everything that happens in the project. With debugbar, a developer can find out which exact URL route is being accessed and the corresponding code invoked. Moreover, they can look for variable values and troubleshoot any null values that might break the project.

If you are carrying out extensive development using Laravel, you cannot miss out on a development tool like debugbar.

Laravel GraphQL

GraphQL is a modern data language. Using GraphQL, the data can be stored in the form of graphs. If you want to use modern graph-based databases like GraphQL with your Laravel web application, you need a tool that facilitates data transfer and modifications. You can use this tool to start up using GraphQL in your Laravel projects.

With all these tools by your side, you can ensure a smooth development journey. The sole aim of development tools is to aid in the faster and effective creation of software. These tools are proper to their words and help in achieving tasks at a pretty rapid rate. Once you start using these development tools, you’ll see why they are essential for Laravel.

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