Inventory Management System in Laravel With Source Code

The Inventory Management System Project in Laravel is a based program.

A web-based tool that allows you to conveniently manage stock inventory: Dashboard, Stock Management, Purchasing, Sales, Suppliers, Customers, Outstanding, and Payments are all included in this Inventory Management System.

The interface has a nice look and feel to it.

The currently logged-in user’s ID is automatically assigned to all motions, stocks, and inventory items.

Laravel’s built-in database transactions cover all inventory actions such as puts, removals, and creations.

Any exceptions that arise during an inventory update will be automatically rolled back.

About ProjectProject DetailsDefinition
Project Name :Inventory Management System Project in LaravelThe online inventory management system helps small businesses manage goods, sales, and transactions. This program’s user-friendly interface shows sales, goods, revenue, costs, and transactions.
Project Platform :PHP FrameworkPHP frameworks let you construct PHP web apps. PHP frameworks contain libraries for commonly used functions, minimizing original code. PHP frameworks are used to build PHP web apps.
Programming Language Used:Laravel LanguageTaylor Otwell created Laravel, an open-source PHP web framework based on Symfony. It’s developed for MVC-based internet apps.
Developer Name :itsourcecode.comThis website offers free Java, PHP, Python, Django, VB.Net, Visual Basic, C, C++, C#, and Javascript source code projects.
IDE Tool (Recommended):SublimeSublime Text is a source code editor. It supports programming and markup languages. Plugins, generally community-built and maintained under free-software licenses, increase system capabilities. Python API helps Sublime Text plugins.
Project Type :Web ApplicationA web application, unlike computer-based software, operates on a web server. Web apps are accessed using a browser and network connection.
Database:MYSQLMySQL is a free, open-source RDBMS. My is Michael Widenius’s daughter, and SQL is Structured Query Language.
Inventory Management System Project in Laravel Information

Just visit another language used for the inventory system.

You can utilize the built-in qualities to customize and create your own models, or you can simply use the built-in models, depending on your needs.

This IMS is a very essential and necessary system for all types of stock and inventory shops and businesses, both small and large.

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Inventory Management System in Laravel also includes a downloadable source code for free, just find the download button below and click to start downloading the source code file.

What is Laravel and why it is used?

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

What is an Inventory Management System and How Does It Work?

There are several important components to an inventory management system. Inventory control is based on tracking the two primary tasks of a warehouse: receiving (incoming) and shipping (outgoing).

Other tasks, such as inventory movement or relocation, are also carried out. The value of raw resources is decremented, while the value of finished goods is increased.

Here are some of the features of the Inventory Management System Project in Laravel:

  • Manage users
  • Manage Role
  • Stock in Management
  • Stock out Management
  • Manage Registration

To start executing an Inventory Management System Project in Laravel, make sure that you have any platform for creating CSS,  bootstrap, and HTML installed on your computer, in my case, I will use Sublime Text.

Inventory Management System Project in Laravel Steps on How to Run the Project

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here are the steps on how to run an Inventory Management System Project in Laravel with Source Code.

  1. Extract file

    Next, after you finish downloading the source code, extract the zip file.
    Extract file for Inventory Management System in Laravel With Source Code

  2. Copy Project Folder

    Next, Copy the destination folder to the xampp/htdocs folder.

  3. Installed the composer and the Laravel

    Next, You need to install first the Composer and the Laravel libraries.
    Download Composer for Inventory Management System in Laravel With Source Code

  4. Open Command Prompt

    Next, go to the project folder directory then type CMD to open the command prompt.

    Open CMD for Inventory Management System in Laravel With Source Code

  5. Composer install

    Next, After you finish installing the composer and the Laravel. now type composer install” in your command prompt.

  6. php artisan key:generate

    Next, then type “php artisan key:generate ” in your command prompt. A command that sets the APP_KEY value in your . env file. By default, this command is run following a composer create-project laravel/laravel command.
    Key generate for Inventory Management System in Laravel With Source Code

  7. php artisan serve

    Lastly, type “php artisan serve” in your command prompt. The purpose of using Php artisan serve (PHP builtin server) is just for testing and easy starting your project it should not be used in real website deployment.
    php artisan serve for Inventory Management System in Laravel With Source Code

  8. The actual code.

    Finally, You are free to download the downloadable source code given below.

Here are some output images of the system:

Login Page in Employee Management System

Admin Dashboard in Employee Management System

Users List in Employee Management System

Stock in Form in Employee Management System

Stock out the list in the Employee Management System

Download the Source Code below


This is a Laravel and Bootstrap 4-based inventory management system Project. This Laravel project can assist you if you are learning Laravel and want to develop some useful things.

This project will help you improve your Laravel coding skills. This project includes the characteristics listed above. Happy Coding!


If you have any questions or suggestions about the Inventory Management System in Laravel with Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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