Database Design for Grocery Management System

This Database Design for Grocery Management System designed to handle grocery stock in, restock, sales, returns, purchase and other stuff.

Point of Sales and Inventory System Database Design stable revenue system are reasons in which the grocery store  offer more jobs and opportunities to engage inside the earning activities.

Database Design for Silver Cross Grocery Management System


The Silver Cross Grocery was establish in the year of 2015, in the month of June.

The business was owned by Mr. Manuel Silver Cross and he name it after the name of his lastname which is the “Silver Cross”.

These is located at Brangay 8, Isabela Market,Isabela, Negros Occidental. 

These Grocery are Composed of 5 Employees, two (2) for Sales Lady, one  (1) Bagger who maintaining the customers things, one (1) cashier and one (1) manager who manage the business. 

The cashier is the one who records the transactions of the business.

They are manually record the transaction on a piece of book.

In order to make this business become easier, we made Database Design for Grocery Management System Project which they can manage the transaction of their business more effectively and efficiently. In over all this system will gives to the customer and to the owner a convenience timed and easiest way to manage their business.


Database Design for Grocery Management System is to help automatic the process the purchasing product, billing and to make the purchased transaction fast with accuracy, to keep and secure the sales records.

It helps the employee and the owner to easily manage or manipulate the transaction of the business.

It will avoid wasting of time just to write all the important information and data of the business transaction and customer.

My system processes  and stores all the data or information of the business.

This system is made using java with relationship to Php/MyAdmin. The database of the system will store all the information such as customer, employee, product, sales,  and payments. My simple silver cross grocery  management allows the user to record the item or sales that is being reserve or order by the customer. On the Cashier system, the user or the authorized person can only login as staff administrator.

FEATURES for Grocery Management System Database Design

  • Manage products
  • Stored all the data
  • Manage customer
  • Monitor the number of customer

Data Dictionaries

Table 1: customertbl

Fieldname Description Type Length
Customer_id Customer ID Number Int 11
firstname Customer Firstname Varchar 50
lastname Customer Lastname Varchar 50
Purchase_Product Product Purchase Varchar 11

Table 2: Employeetbl

Fieldname Description Type Length
Employee_ID Employee ID Number Int 50
Name Employee Name Varchar 50
Hire_Date Date of Hired Date 11
Salary Employee Salary Int 11
Job_title Employee Job  Title Varchar 50

Table 3: Producttbl

Fieldname Description Type Length
Product_ID Productt ID Number Int 11
Name Name of Product Varchar 75
Availability Available of Product Int 11
Price Price of Products Int 11

Table 4: Salestbl

Fieldname Description Type Length
Sales_ID Sales ID Number Int 11
Fname Firstname of Customer Varchar 75
Product_name Name of Product Varchar 50
Price Price of the Products Int 11
Quantity Quantity of Products Int 11
Date_Purchase Date of Purchase Date 11

Table 5: Paymenttbl

Fieldname Description Type Length
Payment_ID Payment ID Number Int 50
Name            Name of Product Varchar 50
Cost Products Cost Int 50
Stock Products Stock Int 50
Description Description of a Product Varchar 50

Entity Relationship Diagram

Sample ERD Project for Grocery Management System

Database Design Project for Silver Cross Grocery Management System
Database Design Project for Silver Cross Grocery Management System

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