Database Design for Auto parts Income Monitoring System

Database Design for Auto parts Income Monitoring System

   The Database Design for Auto parts Income Monitoring System Project was designed since, the company or store haven’t already yet a system. They cannot handle it well, or it is difficult for them to handle such information.

They just written it down, so it’s a wasting of time. But now here’s Limen auto parts stocks and income monitoring system is developed for many purposes, like easy to store information, easy to monitor monthly income.

It shows that when a customer will buy some of the product in this store, the owner will be easy handling it. And he will not face any difficulties because it is very easy to use it.

When the owner want to know about how his monthly income sales, and the product purchased, he can use and open it, so that he’ll know how his business works.

This is a versatile business management software that seamlessly integrates all of your stock manager accounting and reporting processes in one day to use package.

Auto Parts Income Monitoring System Database Design Project is also develop for customers and users satisfaction, then it is design to understand how your business works-and how to optimize your processes the advanced window based software is infinity adaptable. It can be configured to suit your individual business needs.

This system is enjoyable to use, you will never become wearisome.


  • Store Records (History) in which you can see the previous purchased product and the previous income.
  • Easy and faster monitoring
  • Monitoring of an income
  • Organized information
  • Accurate updates of information

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