Boutique Management System Database Design

Boutique Management System Database Design

This Boutique Management System Database Design or Database Design Project for Boutique Management System with ERD, the machine will lessen the pen paper work that is managed by way of the owners of the store.

It will help them to hold the data of the garments, customers, providers with outstanding ease(Boutique Management System with Tables Database Design Project).

The stock of the clothes that are to be had ought to be updated from time to time.

It can also help them in file era of the income that have taken region from time to time.

The proposed Boutique Store management system was made for the wants and affordable for the people.

The systems consists of the clothes, inventory and sales etc.

A boutique is a small store that sells stylish clothing jewelry or other luxury goods.

Boutique sales associate are exports within their stores. Each of these store works through its merchandising and to appeal to a certain customers.

This project is designed to provide the easy access to maintain the the reports of boutique service.

Boutique service is necessary and important for the society.

It gives the people an easy way to choose and buy the items or Goods that suit to their interest, and likes.

It is also provides a very affordable piece that will surely make the people buy and support the products displayed in the boutique store.

The items like clothes and jewelries has many different types that will really attract and catch the attention of the people.

Unlike the usual boutique we usually seen, this proposed boutique system has a lot of unique styles and properties on how to encourage the people to chose and buy its products. Indeed this proposed boutique system is usually suitable for the people.


Boutique Management System Database Design Features:

  1. Manage boutique

  2. Manage customer

  3. Monitor the In and Out of boutique

  4. Boutique inventory

Entity Relationship Diagram of Boutique Management System

Figure 8 The proposed Botique Store Management System Entity Relationship Diagram shows the system entity relationships in each entity and their supposed functions in each relationship(Boutique Management System with Tables Database Design Project).

Diagram of Boutique Management System

Figure 8: Proposed Boutique Store  System Entity Relationship Diagram

Based on figure 8, the proposed Botique Store System Entity Relationship Diagram are the entity of the proposed  Botique Store system database, which are presented by tables; the tables are made to meet the required specification of the system  and provide a much more specific details of the each entities within the system(Database Design Project for Boutique Management System with ERD).

Data Dictionaries

Table 8: tblboutique

Field Name Description Type Length
Botique_ID Boutique ID number Int 11
Owner_id Botique Owner Id Int 30
Name Name of Botique varchar 50
Type Type of Botique varchar 50
Description Description of Botique varchar 50
Place Place of Botique varchar 50

Table 9: tblstock

Field Name Description Type Length
Stock_id(PK) Stock ID number Int 11
Stock_items Items of stock varchar 50
Stock_number Stock number Int 11
Stock_type Type of stock varchar 50
Stock_description Type of description varchar 50

Table 10: tblproducts

Field Name Description Type Length
product_id(PK) product ID number Int 11
Product_customer_id Product customer ID number int 11
Product_number Product number Int 11
Product_items Items of product varchar 50
Product_type Type of product varchar 50
Product_description Description product varchar 50

Table 11: tblsales

Field Name Description Type Length
Sales_id(PK) Sales id number Int 11
Sales_customer_id Sales customer id Int 11
Sales_amount Sales amount Int 11
Sales_type Type of sales Varchar 50
Sales_description Description of sales varchar 50

Table 12: tblinventory

Field Name Description Type Length
Inventory_ID(PK) Inventory id number Int 11
Inventory_items Items of inventory varchar 50
Inventory_number Inventory number Int 11
Inventory_type Type of inventory Varchar 50
Inventory_description Description inventory Varchar 50

Table 13: tblcustomers

Field Name Description Type Length
customer_ID customer ID number Int 11
Customer_name Name of customer varchar 50
Customer_phone_num Customer phone num int 11
Customer_email Email of customer varchar 50
Customer_address Address of customer varchar 50


This Boutique Management System project is for cloth store.

The owners at the clothing stores discover it difficult to manage all of the jewelry that take place inside the boutique.

So to lessen the pen paper work this is involved, this boutique control application will be of first rate help.

The client details, garment details, provider details, sales, billing and file generation can be maintained via this application.

This may be one in all the beneficial initiatives for the proprietors of the clothing shops in maintaining all the jewelry of their shops in a properly organized way and with awesome ease.

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