Simple Calculator in C# With Source Code

Hello Guys! This Source code is all about Calculator in C# and it is free to download. This Source code can be used by the programmers who want t develop the Simple Calculator Source Code in C#.

The Simple Calculator App in C# is a simple desktop program that was written in C#. The only thing this project’s basic function can do is calculate, just like a real calculator.

The app is made up of a number of buttons and text boxes. This project, the Simple Calculator App, can help first-year students who are taking IT classes.

This will give them an idea of how to make an application in the long run. This simple calculator app written in C# can help you learn more about C# programming.

The source code for the Simple Calculator App in C# is free and can be downloaded by reading the information below. This app should only be used for learning.

About Project

Only the C# programming language was used to make the Simple Calculator app. This application is an easy-to-use system that can be changed to fit your needs.

The app is a simple calculator that helps students who want to start a career in programming. The main goal of the project was to make a copy of a real calculator.

Like a real calculator, this app can add, subtract, divide, and multiply numbers. Try to get more information and work harder to learn the basics of C# programming.


  • Basic Mathematical Operations

Can you make a calculator with C#?

Creating a graphical user interface for a calculator using C#

The label is located inside of the toolbox. To access the toolbox, navigate to view and then select toolbox from the menu that appears. The first label is a blue calculator that measures size 20. The next step is to add two more labels for the output with the values 1 and 2.

What is C# language?

C#, which might be pronounced “See Sharp,” is a contemporary computer language that is object-oriented and type-safe. C# gives developers the ability to create a wide variety of dependable and secure apps that operate in the.

NET framework. C# is a programming language that has its origins in the C family of languages and will be instantly recognizable to programmers who are proficient in C, C++, Java, and JavaScript.

Is C# hard?

C# is regarded as one of the programming languages with the simplest learning curve. C# is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that is simple to read due to its clearly defined class structure.

C# was developed by Microsoft. When compared to the majority of other languages, this one will be rather simple to understand, making it the ideal language for beginning programmers.

Is C# still used?

Along with the production of Windows applications, server-side apps, and other types of applications, the language sees widespread use in the game development industry.

In addition, C# comes with a comprehensive collection of libraries, which helps to make it a faster and more effective programming language.

Is C# good to learn?

C# is a programming language that uses comparable syntax and programming principles to C, C++, and Java. Studying C# will make it easier to learn C, C++, and Java, despite the fact that learning C# on its own is not advantageous. Because developers can collaborate with one another on C-related projects, it is also beneficial for commercial purposes.

Where is C# mostly used?

C# is a programming language that sees extensive use in the development of desktop programs, web applications, and web services. It plays a key role in the process of developing Microsoft’s software products. Additionally, C# is utilized during the game creation process in Unity.

What is C# best at?

Productivity for developers is the primary focus of C#. C# is a strongly typed programming language that was designed to simplify the process of developing sophisticated tools on top of it.

C# programmers typically create their applications using the industry-leading software development environments Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Do developers like C#?

The C# programming language is the one that is most popular among game creators. This programming language is especially powerful when it comes to developing fan-favorite video games.

In addition, C++ and C# are the programming languages that were used in the development of the Unity game engine, which is currently one of the most widely used game engines. Video games can be constructed through the usage of game engines such as Unity by game developers.

Does C# has a future?

When one considers the community that has formed around the language as well as the impact that the language design team has been able to achieve on Github, it is reasonable to assume that C# is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It is the language that Microsoft uses for its “flagship” product,.NET, which, in my opinion, is one of the most compelling arguments in favor of the language’s continued importance.

Downloadable File


C# was used to create the Simple Calculator App. This project only calculates, like a real calculator. App buttons and text boxes. This app can benefit first-year IT students. This will help them make future applications. This C# calculator software can teach you programming. Simple Calculator App source code in C# can be obtained for free. This app is for learning.


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