CRUD Operation in ASP NET MVC With Source Code

CRUD Operation in ASP NET MVC With Source Code

CRUD Operation in ASP NET is an abbreviation for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. These are the four most fundamental operations that most traditional database systems can execute, and they provide the foundation for interacting with any database.

CRUD Operation In ASP.NET Core MVC : About the project

This 2022 article, you will learn on How To Create CRUD Operation In ASP.NET MVC, This CRUD Application In ASP.NET was developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server as the system’s Back-End.

CRUD Operation In ASP.NET Core : Project Details and Technology

Project Title: CRUD Operation Project In ASP.NET
Abstract :CRUD Operation in ASP NET is an abbreviation for Create, Read, Update, and Delete.
Project Type:Website
Technology :ASP.Net Visual Studio 2022 with C# Language
Database :SQL-Server 2021
CRUD Operation Project In ASP.NET – Project Details

To start creating this CRUD Operation in ASP.NET make sure that you have a Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server installed in your computer.

How To Create CRUD Operation In ASP.NET MVC?

On this part of tutorial we want to set up first the SQL Server for creating a database as the system’s back-end after that we want to create new project in visual studio.

These are the steps on How To Create CRUD Operation In ASP.NET MVC

  • Step 1: Open SQL Server

    Open SQL Server (enter the Server Name, Id and Password then click on Connect).
    crud operation in connect sql server

  • Step 2: Create new database

    Create a new database (right-click on Database then select New Database).
    crud operation in create new database

  • Step 3: Name your database

    Enter “ASPCRUD” for the database name then click OK.
    crud operation in database name

  • Step 4: Create new table

    Create a new table (explore the CRUD database then right-click on Tables then select New Table).
    crud operation in create table

  • Step 5: Design the table

    Design the table (name the columns and set the data types as shown in the following figure).
    crud operation in design table

  • Step 6: Open Visual Studio

    Create a New Web Application (open Visual Studio then select File -> New ->New Project).

    crud operation in create new project

  • Step 7: Select ASP.NET Web Application

    Next, select ASP.NET Web Application(.NET Framework).
    crud operation in web application

  • Step 8: Name your project

    Next, name your project and then, click create button.
    crud operation in project name

  • Step 9: Select empty project

    Next, select empty project, then click create.
    crud operation in empty project

  • Step 10: Add new item

    Next, right click on your project name on the right side under solution explorer and click add then new item.
    crud operation in add new item

  • Step 11: Select web form

    Next, select web form the click add and name your form “Contact”
    crud operation in select web form

  • Step 12 : Add reference

    Next, right click the project in the solution explorer then click add the click reference.
    crud operation in add reference

  • Step 13: Add

    Next, add then click ok.
    crud operation in select mysql data dll

  • Step 14: Copy the code given

    Final, copy all code given below and paste it to each designated file.


here’s the code for the Contact.aspx file.


Here’s the code for Contact.aspx.cs file


Here’s the code for Contact.aspx.designer.cs.


Using the .Net Framework 4.7.2 and a code generation tool, we learned how to develop an ASP.NET Web application and link it to a SQL Server to execute basic CRUD tasks. I hope you found it beneficial. Please let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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