How to Organize the CRUD in VB.Net and MySQL Database


How to Organize the CRUD in VB.Net and MySQL Database

This tutorial is all about How to Organize the CRUD in VB.Net and MySQL Database.

Today, I’m going to teach you how to organize MySQL Connection and CRUD by using a Module in VB.Net. The Module is one of the ways on how to organize your system, reduce the code and it will lessen your work.

What you will learn in this tutorial is that you will able to create a basic application like a simple login form.

If you want crud in vb using ms access, you can see it here in our previous visual basic tutorials.

Lets’ begin:

1. First, create a Database and name it “dbuser” in MySQL Database.


2. Open the Visual Basic and create a new Windows Form Application.

3. After that, in the solution explorer, right-click and create “New Folder” , name it “Modules”.

This is the way to separate the Module and the Windows Form.
4. In the folder, create a Module and name it “CRUD”.
5. After creating a Module, You have to set the connection string of MySQL Database. Then, Declare all the classes ad variables that are needed. You read it here how Create a MySQL Connection using


6. After setting up the connection and the declaration. Create a VB.NET CRUD event.

7. Go back to the Form Design and create a User’s Registration Form. It will look like this.

crud vb net mysql
crud vb net mysql

8. After setting up the Form, double click the Form and copy this code and put this above the Form1_Load event handler of the Form.

9. Press “F5” to run your project.

You can download HERE the complete CRUD VB NET MySQL Source Code and run it on your computer.


How about il teach you about How to Master and MySQL Database in 30 minutes? You can download the sample projects with source code together with the Database.

Aside from this, I have included the video tutorials in these articles.

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