What is about:blank Page and How To Remove

Web browsers come with an empty page called about:blank. When a browser has nothing to show you, it is displayed. Go to your browser’s settings and change the home page from about:blank to a different address or the new tab screen to get rid of about:blank when you launch your browser.

You are viewing an empty page that is part of your web browser if the address bar for your browser displays “about:blank“.

It is a feature of several browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

About:blank is in perfect condition. When using about:blank as their home page, many users make sure their web browser always starts with a blank white screen. We’ll show you how to fix this if your web browser always opens with about:blank and you don’t like it.

What is about:blank?

This is a blank page that came with your web browser. The “about:” portion of the address instructs the browser to display internal, built-in web pages. For instance, in Chrome, you may enter about:settings or about:downloads in the address bar to examine the list of files that have been downloaded.

Your web browser loads an empty page with nothing on it when you type about:blank into the address box and press Enter. This page is a part of your web browser and not one from the internet.

About:Blank is a Virus or Malware?

The About Blank page itself is not dangerous since about:blank is not malware and there is no about:blank virus. However, malware can make it appear more frequently if your browser sets a blank link as its anti-virus protection default.

If about:blank begins to appear frequently or in conjunction with other probable malware symptoms like system failures or sluggish performance, that may be a sign that your device is compromised. Run an antivirus scan to make sure, even if you think that something might be a phony virus warning.

How To Remove About Blank?

Time needed: 5 minutes

How To Remove about:blank Page?

  1. Open browser, click the three vertical dots and select settings.

  2. Click on startup, and select open a specific page or set or pages.

  3. Remove about:blank as a start page.

    Remove about:blank


We have completely discussed about what is about:blank page and how to remove it. I hope this simple tutorial helps you a lot.


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