[SOLVED] How To Take A Screenshot On MAC | Complete Guide

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How To Take Screenshot On Mac
How To Take Screenshot On Mac

How to screenshot on a Mac is a common question among new Apple users, especially those who are switching from Windows and are accustomed to using the Prt Scrn (Print Screen) button.

Despite the fact that taking a screenshot on a Mac merely requires hitting a few keys, it is nevertheless true that the process hasn’t always felt very natural.

For instance, in addition to distinct key commands for taking screenshots of windows as opposed to smaller selections, it was once the only way to record video of your screen using QuickTime Player.

Therefore, In this guide, you can learn more about taking screenshots on a Mac (and recording video). You can also find some helpful tools to make taking Apple screenshots simpler.

How To Take A Screenshot On MAC?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

MAC Screenshot Shortcuts

  • Method 1: CMD-Shift-3

    This shortcut captures a screenshot of your entire screen.

  • Method 2: CMD-Shift-4

    With the help of this keyboard shortcut, you can transform your cursor into a crosshair that you can drag to choose a specific area of your screen to capture. To take the picture, let go of the mouse or trackpad button.

  • Method 3: CMD-Shift-5

    Cmd-Shift-5, a keyboard shortcut command, brings up a small panel with your screen capture options at the bottom of your display. It was first introduced in MacOS Mojave in 2018. You can take a screenshot of your entire screen, a window, or a portion of it using one of the three buttons.


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