Automated Survey Application System For CHMSC

This project entitled Automated Survey Application System was a final requirement for the Senior System Programming Project 2 subject. This project CHMSC – Binalbagan Automated Survey Application which enables students to answer the survey question. It could eliminate the errors in computing for the points of each question.

The application designed to provide a fast and accurate result of the tallying survey using the android phone of the respondents. It will help the current operation of the survey in CHMSC – Bin in providing to improve the survey result.

The proponents have noticed that every time CHSMC – Bin conducted the survey they are having a hard time for releasing and collecting a result of a survey. Thru this system the proponents can provide a fast survey questionnaire. The total survey will be processed by our server through receiving by the respondents answered and the survey results will be secured in our database. Therefore using the Automated Survey Application System is a great help for the school.

You can Download the full source code here. ==> Survey Application System

Note: In order for you to run the system, you have to import first the database in your MySQL server. The database of this system named “entryform” that can be found in the extracted folder “Adminside”.

Here is the Sample Screenshot of the said system.

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