Maze Game in Visual Basic 2013

Maze Game in Visual Basic 2013

You’d think that making a simple maze game would be straightforward, but it isn’t. I’ve looked at a lot of tutorials and seen a lot of YouTube videos, but it appears like everyone is using the Microsoft Maze lesson. It’s an enjoyable maze game.

The user must move the mouse pointer through the maze without touching any of the walls, or the cursor will return to the beginning. But that’s not the kind of behavior I’m looking for.

The player for the maze I planned to make would be a PictureBox. To navigate the maze, the user would utilize the arrow keys. Only if a collision with a “enemy” was detected would the player be sent back to the start point. The walls would be impenetrable fortifications.

This week, I spent my time creating a maze with opponent pieces going up and down or back and forth, protecting locations where power ups could be found. The issue I kept coming into was how to prevent the player from simply walking through the maze walls. I have figured out how to make all of the walls solid from any angle.

Let’s have a look at how to make a tiny maze first, and then we’ll look at how to make adversaries and power ups in the following blog post.

Maze Game in Visual Basic 2013

Maze Game in Visual Basic 2013Maze Game in Visual Basic 2013 is my Mini System as final requirements in Computer Programming subject. In this game, it allows the user to navigate through the corridors without touching the walls.

If the walls are touched by the pointer, it will automatically jump back to the start. The game will only end when the pointer reaches the finished label at the end of the maze. A message box will then display to inform the user that you have completed the journey.

Make a new project for a Windows form. To make your maze, add a PictureBox control and as many labels as you like. Reduce the size of the PictureBox and give it a Back Color or an image. Select a Back Color and set the label AutoSize property to False.

Carry out the same procedure for all of the labels. The maze walls will be these. Some labels should be wide and thin, while others should be tall and thin. Arrange the labels to create a simple maze for the player to navigate.

Download the full source code here.====> MAZE_game

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  • Marie Sheena Bernardino
  • Joenel Gregorio

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