Sequence Diagram for Online Shopping System | UML

The Sequence Diagram for Online Shopping System is an interaction diagram that shows the series of objects and messages and how they interact through the system.

In addition, this diagram helps software engineers and developers figure out what an online shopping system should look like and describes the process that is already in place.

Details of Online Shopping System Sequence Diagram

The table shows the project name and details of the sequence diagram of the online shopping system. It has the complete details of the project.

Name:Online Shopping System Sequence Diagram
Abstract:The Sequence Diagram for Online Shopping System represents the scenario and the messages that must be passed between objects. It’s an interaction diagram that shows how activities are carried out, including when and how messages are sent.
UML Diagram:Sequence Diagram
Users:System Admin, Sellers, and Buyers.
Tools Used:Diagram tools that provide sequence diagram symbols.
Online Shopping System Sequence Diagram – Details

What is an Online Shopping System?

The Online Shopping System is a web-based e-commerce system which allows customers to buy goods or services directly from sellers over the Internet via a web browser or a mobile app.

Furthermore, the major goal of the online shopping system is to keep track of shopping, the internet, payment, bills, and customer information. It keeps track of all the information related to shopping, products, customers, and shopping.

UML for Online Shopping System

The modeling language UML diagrams is one of the methods used for project development. It is a useful tool for documenting the Online Shopping System’s needs and fleshing out its architecture.

Sequence Diagram (UML) for Online Shopping System

The Online Shopping System Sequence Diagram with Explanation is given to expound its ideas. This sequence diagram is shown and is based on the concept of Online Shopping.

The diagram presented here will show you a detailed illustration of the sequence of events that happen in the Online Shopping System using unified modeling language UML.

This designed sequence diagram can show programmers and readers the sequence of messages between the actor and the objects in a system.

Sequence Diagram for Online shopping System in UML

The diagram shows the series of messages that occurred to complete the task of managing online shopping. The diagram portrays a single scenario which is very common for online shopping systems. This scenario is presenting the sequence of events and messages when a borrower borrows a book.

Online Shopping System Pdf

You may download the PDF file by clicking the button below. It has the full details and discussion of the system’s component diagram. You can also modify its content to complete your project requirements and needs.

Steps in Building the Sequence Diagram for Online Shopping System

The tools used to build the sequence diagram were explained here.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Steps in creating a Sequence Diagram for Online Shopping System.

  • Step 1: Familiarize Sequence Diagram Symbols

    Sequence Diagram Symbols – are used to create a Sequence Diagram to emphasize the system’s interactions in terms of its’ message sequences. Their symbols and applications must be familiarized before you build the Sequence Diagram.

    Each of the sequence diagram symbols shows the overall System interaction. Emphasizing the System’s behavior would be much easier by using these Sequence Diagram symbols.

  • Step 2: Determine the targeted users

    After the symbol familiarization, you’ll need to determine your targeted users. Your targeted users will be the ones to use your project.

    Your project is Online Shopping System for school, then your users would be the Staff, Admin, and the students. You may ask them about the common activities that they do when doing tasks online shopping. This information will help you in proceeding with the next step.

  • Step 3: Analyze the activities included

    Analyzation is very important in creating a sequence diagram. It will help you understand the work of the diagram and avoid unwanted errors.

    The gathered information from the targeted users is very useful in creating a sequence diagram. You just need to evaluate these data and pick useful information. Then you’re ready for the next step.

  • Step 4: Plot the Sequence Diagram

    To plot the sequence diagram you will need the objects, messages, and lifelines. You will base the sequence of events (interaction) from the evaluated information to have the exact Sequence Diagram.

    To plot your Sequence diagram, you need to place first the objects involved and their lifelines.

    Then start building the series of interactions or messages among the objects. If you encounter some decisions or constraints, you will place alternatives depending on the situation.

    After that, you will review all the events and interactions you’ve made and check if there are still missing. Creating the sequence diagram will help you figure out the needs of your project and your concerns with it.


Online shopping is a type of electronic commerce that allows customers to buy goods or services directly from sellers over the Internet via a web browser or a mobile app. It is the act or activity of purchasing products or services from websites and it provides efficiency for the shoppers. That is why the sequence diagram is designed to help programmers develop the system.

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