Online Food Ordering System ER Diagram

Online Food Ordering System ER Diagram | Entity Relationship Diagram

Online Food Ordering System ER Diagram – acts as the Database Design for the Food Ordering System back-end use. This ER Diagram or ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) caters all the data assigned to them. It is the blue print design that will hold all the data that will enter the system as well as the source of the needed outputs for the users. As you go deeper to this discussions, you’ll know how to design a database using the formulated Food Ordering System ER Diagram, its tables and schema.

The ER Diagram design gives you ideas on how would you build the Online Food Ordering System Project database. The whole creation and discussion of this ER Diagram presents to you the included data, tables and their connections or relations. The idea presented in this ERD can be used for your Food Ordering System Final Year Project. You could also enhance the ER diagram to meet your desired system requirements.

What are included in Food Ordering System ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram):

  • Food Ordering System Description with Features
  • Food Ordering System database tables
  • ER diagram design for Food Ordering System

Online Food Ordering System ER Diagram Description and Features:

This Food Ordering System database design was made based on managing Food ordering requirements. The system can secure and monitor the activities or transactions of the crews and customers. The admin has the access to customer’s orders as well as their transactions. It explains that the database design for ERD makes sure that the system is able to secure all of the data inputs and outputs.

The features of this Project includes handling of Food Ordering information, Customer Order Details, Food Supply Management and Transaction Reports Management. Each of these features plays a big role in completing the whole process of Food Ordering System. They were also expected to be present in other UML Diagrams which completes the ideas on Food Ordering System Development. These are:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Travel the World for Food x
Travel the World for Food

Here’s are the major processes in Food Ordering System that’ll help you determine the data needed that should be involved in database design for ER Diagram.

  • Food Ordering information

    Food Ordering Information is the process wherein the data used in exposing the products offered by the establishment were secures in the system. They were displayed to let the customer know their products and for marketing purposes.

  • Customer Order Details

    As one of the major process in Food Ordering System, it will be the bases in determining the included data once a customer orders or do a transaction. Example of the data included in Customer Order Details would be the customer basic information such as their name, address and contact number. This process also collects the information of food ordered by the customers as well as tits quantity and oaymaent details.

  • Transaction Reports Management

    The Food supply Management process is in charge of checking and managing all the supply related activities. So to be able to track all the supply needed for production, the data or information of supply that enters and exits that system must be recorded. These data will then be stored in Food Ordering System ER Diagram.

  • Transaction and Reports Management

    This process is considered as one of the major processes in the project because it saves the overall transaction in a period of time. These reports will then be help by the ER Diagram designed for Food Ordering System.

Database Design For Online Food Ordering System ER Diagram

The ERD or ER Diagram for Online Food Ordering System shows the system entity relationships in each entity and their supposed functions in each relationship. Now here’s the sample ER Diagram of Online Food Ordering System.

ER Diagram for Online Food Ordering System

ER Diagram for Online Food Ordering System

Based on the image above, the database design for Online Food Ordering System is the blueprint for its ERD, and these are presented by tables. The tables are made to meet the required specification of the system and provide much more specific details of each entity within the system.

The purpose of this ER Diagram is to fully understand the data management of Online Food Ordering System as well as the relationships of tables in the database design.

Food Ordering System ER Diagram Tables and Attributes:

These tables below provide the complete database tables details such as Field NameDescriptionsdata typescharacter lengths. These details helps the developers and programmers determine the characteristic of data that should be handled.

Table Name: Customer

cust_ID (PK)Customer IDInt11
nameCustomer NameVarchar255
contact_numContact NumberVarchar11

Table Name: Food Product

food_ID (PK)Food IDInt11
nameFood NameInt11

Table Name: Food Supply

suppy_ID (PK)Supply IDInt11
nameName of SupplierVarchar255
quantitySupply QuantityInt11
dateSupply DateDate
amountSupply AmountVarchar 11

Table Name: Order Details

order_ID (PK)Order IDInt11
cust_ID (FK)Customer IDInt 11
food_ID (FK)Food IDInt11
quantityQuantity of OrderInt11
delivery_ID (FK)Order DeliveryInt11
dateOrder DateDate

Table Name: Delivery

delivery_ID (PK)Delivery IDInt11
cust_ID (FK)Customer IDInt 11
food_ID (FK)Food IDInt11
quantityOrder QuantityInt11
paymentOrder PaymentVarchar11
dateDelivery DateDate

Table Name: Transaction Reports

order_ID (PK)Order IDInt11
cust_ID (FK)Customer IDInt11
order_ID (FK)Order IDInt11
food_ID (FK)Food IDInt11
supply_ID (FK)Supply IDInt11
delivery_ID (FK)Delivery IDInt 11
dateReport DateDate


You have to bear in mind that the database design for Online Food Ordering System ER Diagram has a big role in creating the project. It is because the ERD will not only help you in building the project but will also secure that your project will be functional and trustworthy.

So that completes our discussion and I hope that this article about ER Diagram of Online Food Ordering System Database Design will help you a lot.

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