Online Airline Reservation System Use Case Diagram

Online Airline Reservation System Use Case Diagram

ONLINE AIRLINE RESRVTION SYSTEM USE CASE DIAGRAM – shows the UML illustration of use cases in the project. The use cases in the diagram represents the main processes in an Online Airline Reservation system. Then they will be broken down into more specific use cases depending on the included processes of the main use case. In this article you will know the main or general use case of Online Airline Reservation system as well as its specific use cases.

To start with, let us know what does a use case mean.

A use case diagram is a visual representation of how a user might interact with Airline Reservation System. A use case diagram depicts the system’s numerous use cases and different sorts of users. Example of its users would be the Airline owner, Admin, Employees or Crews and the Customers. The circles or ellipses are used to depict the use cases.

The UML Use Case Diagram is a design used as one of the Methodology on Airline Reservation System development. It represents the main functions or processes of the system as well as the specific processes included. They were also labelled properly to guide programmers and users about the structure of Airline Reservation System.

Online Airline Reservation System Project Use Case Diagram Potential Features:

The features of the system depends on the users of it.

  • Manage Customers’ Information
  • Monitor Customers’ Reservations
  • Manage Reservations’ Info and Status
  • Manage Tickets and Services Offered

By creating the use case diagram of Online Airline Reservation System, you must determine first the possible features to identify the flow of the system. After that, you can now create the blueprint or core of the system function.

Now to make your project development more easier, there are a lot more UML Diagrams that will help you through creating Airline Reservation System. These UML Diagrams helps with designing the Structure of the system in terms of its hardware and software specifications. UML also has the behavioral illustrations that will instruct programmers with how should the system behave towards its users and how it manages the instructions and processes given. It also involve how the system delivers the expected outcome.

These UML Diagrams for Airline Reservation System are:

All in all, these diagrams and the Use Case Diagram works together to achieve a well-developed system.

Online Airline Reservation System Project Use Case Diagram

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Here are the diagrams with discussion of Online Airline Reservation System Project Use Case Diagram using Include and Extend. The Include and Extended are indications or labels used to determine the flow of processes inside the system. The label include means that the following processes must be included to complete the task. While the extend means that the following process is optional.

  1. Online Airline Reservation System General Use Case

    Now I present to you the general use case of an Online Airline Reservation System. This diagram shows the general processes or function that the system could do. These processes are based on the activities done by the Airline admin and customer reservations in the system.
    General Use Case Diagram for Online Airline Reservation System
    General use case is the most common application of a use case diagram. The use case diagrams depict the system’s main components as well as the flow of information between them.

    With the help of this general use case, the programmer will have the basis on what could be put into consideration in creating the Online Airline Reservation system.

  2. Online Airline Reservation System Use Case Diagram

    This is where the admin or the main user of the system could control the reservations’ information that occurs in the system. They were managed as well as the customers who made transactions to avail reservations.
    Specific Use Cases of Online Airline Reservation System
    Each of the the reservations has their scheduled assigned. They were set to give convenience and quality service to the customers or passenger. The diagram shown here shows the programmer what is the main function of the Online Airline Reservation System.

Additional Knowledge to Online Airline Reservation System Use Case Diagram and Description

The objective of a use case diagram is to show the interactions of numerous items called actors with the use case and to capture fundamental functionalities of the system. As you see through the diagrams, there are the use cases involved to define the core functions of the mentioned project. These processes were expected by the users to be connected to produce a certain output. Being a programmer, this could be an important role that the Online Airline Reservation System should have.


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