Activity Diagram for Airline Reservation System

The Airline Reservation System Activity Diagram is one of the UML activity diagrams that is used to illustrate the behavior of the system towards its users. This activity diagram was created in order to understand how the system would process an airline ticket reservation online.

It shows the flows of interactions and activities that happen in the processing of an airline ticket booking system, as well as the transaction management performed at the back end of the system.

The users of this Online Airline Ticket Reservation System would be the passengers and the airline staff, and they are essential in creating its activity diagram.

By determining the users of the system, it would be much easier for you to build the interactions and activities in the system.

Then you will be able to foresee the behavior of the system towards its users. and this will make you aware that your system must be user-friendly and effective for its users.

What is an Online Airline Ticket Reservation System Activity Diagram?

To have a clear understanding of it, let me tell you about the system activity diagram’s purpose and role. The Airline Reservation System must include an activity diagram so that programmers can determine how the software should interact with its users.

It is because the activity diagram guides the programmer in creating the software and its must-have behavior. So, if you want friendly and effective software that is easy to use, you must also finish the activity diagram.

Through the activity diagram, you’ll be able to illustrate the flow of activities and know what should be the interactions between the system and its users.

The activity diagram will also guide your readers and users on how to use the system. So it is best for you to explain your thoughts on the airline reservation system through an activity diagram.

Activity Diagram Symbols:

Before we create the activity diagram of the airline reservation system, you must first know the symbols used to make it. And here are the symbols used in the activity diagram.

Activity Diagram Symbols
Activity Diagram Symbols

You must be familiar with these symbols in order for you to distinguish what should go in the illustration to avoid misunderstandings.

This is also to educate you about the activity diagram symbols used, so you and the users will understand the system’s behavior.

In addition to that, being familiar with these activity diagram symbols will help you show the detailed parts and interactions that should happen when you develop the system.

Then this thought enables you to have the right ideas on how to develop the system that you want.

Activity Diagram of Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here’s the activity diagram samples of the Online Airline Ticket Reservation System that you may use for your final year project.

Note that you may change the ideas given in this activity diagram to meet the scope of the student management system project that you desire. The given ideas here are sorted based on the system users to give you more detailed examples.

  1. Designed Activity Diagram of Airline Reservation for Passenger Side

    Activity Diagram for Airline Reservation System
    Now here’s the designed activity diagram that shows the behavior of the system when the passenger makes an airline ticket reservation online. You can see through the diagram the interactions between the user and the system.

    You can also modify this illustration if you want to add more efficiency for the user. This activity diagram was made from the general idea of making a ticket reservation on airlines website via systems online. So you can modify this diagram with the features that you want.

  2. Designed Activity Diagram of Airline Reservation

    Activity Diagram of Airline Management System
    This activity diagram was made from the idea of the ticket reservation management happening on online airlines, which is applied to software or systems. So you can modify this diagram with the features that you want.

    Now you can see how the flow of activities happens on the management side. And the users of the back end are the reservation staff or the airline management.

    You could add more interactions to this activity diagram if you have enough knowledge about the Online Airline Ticket Reservation System.

These diagrams can be modified to achieve your desired system behavior. Note that you can also create your own unique system function to meet all of your clients’ needs. And if you want, you can copy the ideas presented here, so you won’t need to create a new one.


It is essential for you to know the diagrams used to design and develop the airline reservation system. This is due to the fact that, without it, it is impossible to create a fully functional system.

But if you create this activity diagram, you will know the inputs and scenarios that the system should perform. You will also figure out what business processes are needed and link them to the other UML diagrams.

By filling out the Activity Diagrams for each module or process, you will easily get to the system you want.

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