ER Diagram for Online Movie Ticket Booking System

The entity of the ER diagram for movie ticket booking system is represented by this ER diagram. The main components of this ER diagram for online movie ticket ordering are the data items and relationships.

Moving on, entity-relationship diagrams for online ticket ordering systems depict movies, customers, theaters, and screens. Website, customer, film, booking, film performance, theater, screen, etc. are part of the online movie ticket system.

However, every entity has a primary and unique key. Movie show tables store movie information, and movie tables store movie data.

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ER Diagram for Movie Ticket Booking System Details

The table shows the overall description of the ER Diagram for Movie Ticket Booking System. It has a complete overview of the project’s information.

Name:Movie Ticket Booking System ER Diagram
Abstract:Online movie ticket booking system ER diagrams show how different things are connected to each other. You can think of it as a plan for how your system (or project) will be put together.
Diagram:ER Diagram is also known as Entity Relationship Diagram
Tools Used:Diagraming tools that provide ER diagram symbols.
Users:Rental Owner, System Admin, and Clients.
Movie Ticket Booking System ER Diagram: Details

What is Movie Ticket Booking System?

Customers can reserve seats and buy tickets through an online movie ticketing system. This website provides movie schedules, seats, previews, and more.

Online Movie Ticket Booking System Features

  • Online Ticket Booking Management: The ER diagram contains the system’s essential details. It contained client transactions and ticket booking accommodations.
  • Client Management: This feature captures crucial customer data. This data was used to track transactions and system issues.
  • Movies’ information management was vital for the system because it acts as the basis for customers’ bookings. Customers were updated on this information.
  • It stores customer bookings and transaction dates. This saves and updates the customer’s requested accommodations.

What is an ER Diagram?

In DBMS, the online movie ticket booking system’s ER Diagram is the database design. It illustrates all system entities’ relationships graphically. Entities, attributes, and relationships are the major components.

The ER Diagram helps build and diagnose relational databases. It works better with DFD, which moves data. The ER diagram makes movie ticket booking database design easy.

ER Diagram for Online Ticket Booking or Reservation System

Online Ticket Booking System ER Diagram displays entity relationships and their functions.

Online Ticket Booking System ER Diagram
Online Ticket Booking System ER Diagram

The Entity-Relationship diagram Online Ticket Booking tables include admin, customer, ticket, bookings, transactions, and reports.

Online Movie Ticket Booking System ER Diagram Tables

These tables include field names, descriptions, data types, and character lengths. Each table shows data storage traits.

The field column lists each database’s attributes, the description column explains each. The type column lists their data type, and the length column lists their character lengths.

Table Name: Customer

stud_ID (PK)Customer IDInt11
fnameCustomer First NameVarchar255
lnameCustomer Last NameVarchar255
genderCustomer GenderInt11
ageCustomer AgeInt11
contact_addContact AddressInt11
cust_emailCustomer EmailVarchar255
cust_passCustomer PasswordVarchar255
Table Name: Customer

Table Name: Admin

admin_ID (PK)Admin IDInt11
fnameAdmin First NameVarchar255
lnameAdmin Last NameVarchar255
genderAdmin GenderInt11
ageAdmin AgeInt11
contact_addContact AddressInt11
admin_emailAdmin EmailVarchar255
admin_passAdmin PasswordVarchar255
Table Name: Admin

Table Name: Ticket

ticket_ID (PK)Ticket IDInt11
ticket_numberTicket NumberInt11
accom_timeAccommodation TimeTime
ticket_typeTicket TypeVarchar30
seat_numberSeat NumberInt11
Table Name: Ticket

Table Name: Booking or Reservation

res_ID (PK)Reservation IDInt11
ticket_ID (FK)Ticket ID
cust_ID (FK)Customer IDInt11
admin_ID (FK)Admin IDInt11
res_dateReservation IDInt11
time_startTime StartTime
time_endTime EndingTime
Table Name: Booking or Reservation

Table Name: Transaction

trans_ID (PK)Transaction IDInt11
trans_nameTransaction NameVarchar30
ticket_ID (FK)Ticket IDInt11
res_ID (FK)Reservation IDInt11
cust_ID (FK)Customer IDInt11
admin_ID (FK)Admin IDInt11
trans_dateDate of TransactionDate
Table Name: Transaction

Table Name: Reports

report_ID (PK)Report IDInt11
trans_ID (FK)Transaction IDInt11
res_ID (FK)Reservation IDInt11
report_date Report DateDate
Table Name: Reports

Online Movie Ticket Booking System ER Diagram [PDF]

The Online Movie Ticket Booking System in DBMS Pdf ER Diagram explains database basics. This can be used for your capstone. You can use it directly or customize it for your purpose.

How to create an Entity-Relationship (ER) Diagram

Time needed: 5 minutes

Here are the steps on how to build ER Diagram for Online Movie Ticket Booking System with Cardinality Ratio.

  • Step 1: Become acquainted with the ER Diagram (Entity Relationship Diagram). Symbols and Cardinality

    The Entity Relationship Diagram shows the structure of data types in a project. It uses symbols to clarify its parts and relationships. Their symbols and applications must be familiar before you build the ER Diagram.

    ER Diagram Symbols:
    Fields are the parts of a table that define the entity’s characteristics. In the database that the ERD models, attributes are commonly thought of as rows. 

    Keys are a technique to categorize data quality. It is used to organize ER diagrams and assist users in modeling their databases to ensure that they are efficient. This is also used to connect different tables in a database. 

    A primary key identifies a single entity instance, which means a unique attribute or set of attributes. 
    A foreign key is produced when data attributes have one too many relationships with other entities.

  • Step 2: Complete the entities that will be included.

    Begin designing your ER Diagram by finalizing your railway reservation system’s entities. These are rectangles. You must leave room in future phases so they can be incorporated.

  • Step 3: Add the attributes of each entity

    Upon finalizing the entities, analyze their attributes. As characteristics, ER diagram entities are described. All these are characteristics. Multivalued characteristics have several values.

  • Step 4: Describe the relationships (cardinality) between entities and attributes

    Entities, characteristics, and relationships are needed to draw ERD relationships. The data structure and entity relationship diagram are based on evaluated information.


Online Movie Ticket Booking System was made with schematics. Each graphic you draw demonstrates your talents and explains your concepts.

By generating an ER diagram, you can view the software’s back end, where data enters and exits. Learn more about ER Diagrams and other topics in the links below.


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