Car Rental System ER Diagram | Entity Relationship Diagram

Car Rental Management System (ER) Entity Relationship Diagram in DBMS with Tables

Hi there Itsourcecoders! Today I will give you ideas about the Online Car Rental Management System ER Diagram (Entity Relationship Diagram) for 2021. This simple database will also give you deep understanding about Car Rental system database project with ER Diagrams tables. This will teach you in managing Car Rental database as well as the relationships of tables in Car Rental system project database design. By the end of the discussion you will find the Car Rental system ER diagram PDF and PPT files that will be helpful for your studies in DBMS.

This Entity Relationship Diagram for the Online Car Rental System project with a table will also give you the idea of how to make a database design for a Car Rental system with ERDtables, and schema.

The idea presented here can be used for your Car Rental system final year project. You can enhance the ER diagram for a system in this article to meet your desired system requirements.

What are included in this ER Diagram for Car Rental System Database projects 2021?

  • Car Rental system Description with Features
  • Car Rental system database tables
  • Simple diagram for Car Rental management system
  • ER Diagram for Car Rental System

Online Car Rental Management System ER Diagram Description

This Car Rental system database design was made based on managing rental requirements. The system can encode customers’ request regarding the Car Rental. The system admin can have access to the customers’ status and information for rental transaction. They can handle and update the data in accord to rental as well as the transactions made by their customers.

The features included in the system’s ER diagram were the security and monitoring of the rental and customers’ records, transactions and status. These features were also listed and recorded in reports that served as the history of transactions done in the system.

ER Diagram For Online Car Rental System With Tables and Features

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here’s the simple database design for Online Car Rental Management system with ER Diagram that includes Tables, PPT, PDF, etc.

  • Car Rental Management

    Car Rental Management is the main feature of this system wherein ER diagram contains the basic details of the system. Its information was composed of the transactions done by the customers, the buses available for rental.

  • Customer Management

    This feature plays a big role for the system because this gathers the important information of the customers. These information were used to track their transactions and other important matters regarding with the system.

  • Manage Buses Information

    The Bus information management was important for the system because it serves as the basis of the customers as they avails the rental offered by the system. These information was monitored to keep the customers updated.

  • Transaction and Rental Management

    Its feature will store the rentals made by the customers as well as the date of the transaction. This will also save and update the accommodation based on the date requested by the customers.

Online Car Rental Management System Entity Relationship Diagram Tables

These tables below provide the complete database tables details such as Field NameDescriptionsdata typescharacter lengths.

Table Name: Customer

stud_ID (PK)Customer IDInt11
fnameCustomer First NameVarchar255
lnameCustomer Last NameVarchar255
genderCustomer GenderInt11
ageCustomer AgeInt11
contact_addContact AddressInt11
cust_emailCustomer EmailVarchar255
cust_passCustomer PasswordVarchar255

Table Name: Admin

admin_ID (PK)Admin IDInt11
fnameAdmin First NameVarchar255
lnameAdmin Last NameVarchar255
genderAdmin GenderInt11
ageAdmin AgeInt11
contact_addContact AddressInt11
admin_emailAdmin EmailVarchar255
admin_passAdmin PasswordVarchar255

Table Name: Cars

car_ID (PK)Car IDInt11
car_numberCar NumberInt11
car _modelCar ModelVarchar30
car_statusCar StatusVarchar30
rent_prizePrize RentVarchar30
driver_ID (FK)Driver IDInt11

Table Name: Rentals

rental_ID (PK)Rental IDInt11
rental_numRental NumberInt11
date_rentRental DateDate
time_arriveTime of ArrivalTime
destinationDate of AccommodationVarchar30
date_returnReturning DateDate

Table Name: Transaction

trans_ID (PK)Transaction IDInt11
trans_nameTransaction NameVarchar30
rental_ID (FK)Rental IDInt11
car_ID (FK)Car IDInt11
cust_ID (FK)Customer IDInt11
admin_ID (FK)Admin ID Int11
trans_dateDate of TransactionDate

Table Name: Driver

driver_ID (PK)Driver IDInt11
driver_nameDriver TypeVarchar30

Table Name: Reports

report_ID (PK)Report IDInt11
trans_ID (FK)Transaction IDInt11
rental_ID (FK)Rental IDInt11
report_date Report DateDate

Entity Relationship Diagram for Online Car Rental System

ER Diagram of Car Rental System shows the system entity relationships in each entity and their supposed functions in each relationship.

Sample ER Diagram for Car Rental System Project

Car Rental Management System ER Diagram
Car Rental Management System ER Diagram

Based on the image above, the Entity Relationship diagram for this System is the entity of the Car Rental system database, which is presented by tables.

The tables are made to meet the required specification of the system and provide much more specific details of each entity within the system.

You can now have the PPT and PDF file of the Car Rental System ER Diagram for you to have your own copy and basis for your future studies in DBMS.


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