DFD for University Management System – Data Flow Diagram

The DFD for University Management System is created to show the overall flow of data within the university. It provides various illustrations to describe the data (input and output) movements of overall process of the university.

In addition, always remember that DFD is not part of the University Management System UML Diagrams. But they have difference with each other in the project activities, behaviors, interactions, and structure.

University Management System DFD consists of three main levels.

  • 0 Level DFD for University Management System
  • 1 Level DFD – University Management System
  • 2 Level DFD – University Management System

0 Level DFD for University Management System

The 0th level of the University DFD (data flow diagram) is also known as the context diagram. Its primary concept is to show the system’s main function in a single process.

University Management System DFD Level 0
University Management System DFD Level 0

To set the scene for the project, the illustration shows the main process as a single node. This context makes it clear at a glance how the project works. The user puts information into the system and then gets what it comes up with.

In addition to this, you can see from the data flow diagrams dfd is already happening. Even though the process is very broad, it is clear how data moves through it.

In the above example, the diagram highlighted the main process, users (external entities), and data flow. For the university system’s external entities, we have:

  • University Administrator
  • Teachers
  • Students

Though these entities are part of the system process, they are called “external” because they are outside the project’s scope. 

Remember: You can change this diagram to fit the project’s needs and add other features that help in running a university.

1 Level DFD – University Management System

The 1st level of the system’s DFD describes each of the primary sub-processes that comprise the whole system. This level represents the context diagram’s “extended viewpoint”.

This level illustrates the data flow from input to output and the transformations that occur along the way.

University Management System DFD Level 1
University Management System DFD Level 1

This level also explains the single process by emphasizing its sub-processes, which include:

  • Manage Student Information
  • Assign Course
  • Assign Class Rooms
  • Manage Teachers

Managing student information is part of the university management process. This process does the gathering of data from students and storing them in the system. A student will provide information, then the data flow from the student to the “manage student information” process.

Assigning courses is a system feature that processes the designation of courses for every student.

Assigning Class Rooms is the process where the system automatically assigns the university’s classrooms. This assignment varies on the total number of students per course and subject.

To manage teachers, the system gathers their information and credentials. These data will be filtered to assign them to their specific expertise.

Level 1 defines the university management system data flow diagram at a higher level than DFD level 0.

2 Level DFD – University Management System

The DFD level 2 method expands the level 1 method. It’s used to show or talk about important level 1 processes. As a result, this level is more advanced than DFD level 1.

However, this level is not required for all project sub-processes. Provide this diagram only if necessary. This is not required if your previous diagrams were clear and precise.

University Management System DFD Level 2png
University Manegement System DFD Level 2

This example specifies the system data store (database). The university management system database holds all of the system inputs.

You will learn more about the system’s database through the university management system ERD (entity relationship diagram)

According to the diagram, the DFD level 2 has the following data store:

  • Student Database
  • Class Rooms Database
  • Teachers Database
  • Course Database

Remember: This level is only applicable if you need to address more sub-processes in level 1. This level can take many different illustrations, depending on how many sub-processes are emphasized.

Moreover, this level is optional in certain instances. As long as you can explain the system’s idea at levels 0 and 1, your data flow diagram will be excellent.

To draw your University management system data flow diagram, you may use the DFD-defined symbols and annotations.

University Management System Data Flow Diagram Pdf

You may download the Data Flow Diagram for University Management System Project PDF by clicking the button below. It has the full details and discussion of the System’s Data Flow Diagram.

You can also modify its content to complete your project requirements and needs.


Levels 0, 1, and 2 of the DFD work together to show the exact flow of data through the system.

The context diagram shows how the university management system is used and what its main goals are. It shows the whole process in one step so that the concept of the system is easy to understand.

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