Barangay Information System Source Code in Visual Basic


Barangay Information Management System Source Code in VB.Net Projects

This Barangay Information System Source Code is free to download and can be used by those programmers who want to develop a barangay management system.


The system can manage barangay officials and households information. It can assign every household to respective purok.


The main feature of this VB.Net projects is the generation of barangay clearance that can e printed automatically.

Added features for version 2 of Baranggay Information Management System

  1. Business clearance management

  2. Certificate of Tax Clearance management

  3. Barangay Resolution management

  4. Complain and Blotter management

This project is created using visual basic 2008 and MySQL for the database. I hope you learn from this project.

Download the database here. brgydb

You can download the full source code here. Barangay Information System Source Code in Visual Basic

For a specific project like this Brgy resident profiling and information system you can click it here.

To log in, use the given username and password.

Username = admin

Password = j


If you have any questions or suggestion about this project with source code, please feel free to contact me at our contact page.

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