Simple Student Enrollment System in MS Access Using VB.Net

This source code is all about Simple Enrollment System in MS Access Using VB.Net student enrollment system enables students to enroll into their subjects prior to the commencement of their semesters.

Easy-to-use enrollment mechanism! This technique attempts to reduce everyone’s effort and stress during the enrollment process. This is a user-friendly system, which means that anyone can use it, especially its functionality.

There will be no more time-consuming manual enrolment transactions because this automated enrolment system is so much better. It can assist save time, money, and worry. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Access Database are used in this system.

Features of the System:

  • Admin Login
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Add Students
  • Add Subjects
  • Subject Fees
  • Manage Students

Log in as Admin Credentials:

User: A
Pass: A

You are welcome to download the source code and edit it as you see fit. The source code is divided into two versions: one is the original version written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, and the other is an improved version that allows the project to operate with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. Follow the steps below to complete the project.

How to run the student enrollment system:


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2019 can be downloaded and installed.
  • Visual Studio is a program developed by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Office or Microsoft Access Database Engine should be downloaded and installed.
  • Crystal Reports can be downloaded and installed.
  • Execute the Project
  • The zip file should be downloaded and extracted (download button is located below)
  • In the extracted file, look for the “EnrollmentSystemII.sln” file.
  • Using your Microsft Visual Studio software, open the solution or “.sln” file.
  • To start the project, use the “F5” key on your keyboard.

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