How to sort a string alphabetically in JavaScript

Sorting a string alphabetically is a simple task when working with textual data. In this article, I will teach you the different methods and techniques to sort a string alphabetically in JavaScript.

Whether you are a novice or a professional developer, this article will provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to complete this work smoothly.

Method to Sort a String Alphabetically in JavaScript

Sorting a string alphabetically in JavaScript can be done through different methods. Let’s move on to some of the most typically used methods:

Method 1: Using split() and sort() Method

One method to sort a string alphabetically is by using the split() and sort() methods.

Here’s example code that uses split() and sort() method:

const strSample = "fedcba";
const sampleSortedStr = strSample .split('').sort().join('');
console.log(sampleSortedStr );



In this example code, we start by specifying a string strSample that we want to sort.

Using the split(”) method, we can convert the string into an array of characters.

Then, we apply the sort() method to sort the array alphabetically.

Finally, we join the sorted array back into a string using the join(”) method. The sorted string will be printed as output.

Method 2: Using localeCompare() Method

Another method for sorting a string alphabetically is by using the localeCompare() method.

Let’s see an example code that uses the localeCompare() method:

const strSample = "ihgfedcba";
const sortedStrExample = strSample.split('').sort((a, b) => a.localeCompare(b)).join('');



In this example code, we perform the same process as before, but with slight changes.

Instead of depending on the default sort order, we pass a compared function to the sort() method.

The localeCompare() method compares two characters and returns a negative, zero, or positive value, demonstrating their sort order.

By using this method, we can obtain a case-sensitive alphabetical sorting.


How does the split() method work?

The split() method in JavaScript is used to split a string into an array of substrings based on a defined separator. If no separator is provided, the whole string is treated as a single element of the resulting array.

Can the sorting methods be applied to strings with numbers?

Yes, the sorting methods described earlier can be used to sort strings consisting of numbers. However, it is important to note that the sorting will be based on the character code rather than the numerical value.

Can the sorting methods be used for multilingual strings?

Yes, the sorting methods in JavaScript can handle multilingual strings. JavaScript’s Unicode support allows for sorting strings in different languages, including non-Latin character sets.

How can I reverse the alphabetical sorting of a string?

To reverse the alphabetical sorting of a string, you can simply apply the sorting methods and then use the reverse() method


In conclusion, sorting a string alphabetically in JavaScript is an essential operation that can be achieved using different methods.

In this article, we have discussed two common methods—the split() and sort() method, as well as the localeCompare() method.

We also provided answers to commonly asked questions to improve your understanding of the topic.

By applying the knowledge acquired from this article, you can confidently sort strings in JavaScript and handle different sorting scenarios effectively

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