Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1

In this chapter of Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1, we first provided of an introduction of what is online supply and inventory is and importance in a business, followed by the different ways and approaches of conducting an inventory.

Here’s the outline of Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1

  1. Project Context

  2. Purpose and Description

  3. General Objectives

  4. Specific Objectives

  5. Scope and Limitation of the Study

  6. Significance of the Study

  7. Definition of Terms

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1 : Project Context

Change is way of life for people in today’s society to cope up successfully with the changing world we must recognize that change. From simplicity to complexity, and from laborious tasks ton an easy click of the mouse.

All these were brought about by the advent of the modern technology, specifically with the invention and advancement of computers. Nowadays, high technology such as computers and other media are now in demand.

They learned to explore and discover something new and tried to solve questions that pump up. Most of the establishments and institutions are using computer programs for business transactions.

Basically as long as people have been around, information technology has been around also because there were always ways of communicating through technology available at that point in time. Companies are now making their systems computerized because using a computerized system will help the company minimize the time and efforts consumed by using manual system.

The current system is still manual that’s why problems occur they lose some of their records, overstock/understock of products, some of their customers delayed in paying their debt, it’s hard for them to monitor their deliveries and also supplies.

The current system has a problem in determining the actual sales, and inventory and other information needed for the sales.  In their inventory reports they can’t easily track the products that had been sold and loss and the current operation creates greater problem in the security of their products inventory because it can be easily manipulated and changed due to editable list stored.

The slow process of releasing receipt to the customers is caused by the manual writing of the cashier in calculating the payment of the customer. That’s why proponent proposed the system that will help them in their business.

Agri-Trading Supply and Inventory Management System with SMS notification maintain information about activities within firms that ensure the Supply and Inventory and delivery products of customers. There are times when the information of their client is written in paper, which has a tendency to be lost accidentally in some instances.

The proponents propose a system to replace their manual operations. This system will lessen the workload of the in charge. Business need a system that is faster and more secure. The proponents proposed Agri-Trading Supply and Inventory Management System with SMS Notification to provide easier and faster transaction, and reliable storage of all information gathered.

We cannot deny the fact that still there are many businesses uses manual operation on billing, supply, sales and inventory of products. They organize everything on a notebook of supply, credit, order and inventory. With this manual operation it takes time look for what they need and it is not efficient because of crowdedness of human error records were not accurate.

Business owners always have problem when it comes in their supply and inventory and to those who does not pay their debt on time that’s why proponents decided to proposed this kind of system to ease of work, and they don’t have to use their manual anymore. They don’t need to waste their time on making reports and inventory because these system provides printable reports.

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1 : Purpose and Description

The purpose of the Agri-Trading Supply and Inventory Management System with SMS Notification is to reduce human errors, lessen paper works, ease of work, prevent loss of records, easy to identify those customers who does not pay their debt. And to ensures customers deliver their chosen products each time they placed an order.

This system will help them regarding to their records and can retrieved faster so less time is wasted and to easily find the previous records that were based in their paper files. It also promotes effective and secure inventory which assures correct items and the correct quantities and stock again the in demands fertilizers and insecticides.

This system can help the company to avoid overstocking/understocking of products. This system provides a printed receipt as a proof that a particular customer paid his/her payment. Through this system Agri-Trading provide a better quality of service.

The proponents proposed this system to facilitate fast and secure record of their product for it will be stored in the database of the system so that the security of the inventory will be strengthened for only to the authorized people given access the files.

The whole study is about how supply and inventory management system promotes fast and reliable information for quicker work.

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1 : General Objectives

The general objectives of the study is to develop a system for Agri-Trading Supply and Inventory Management System with SMS Notification that provides easier and faster access of every transaction.

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1 : Specific Objectives

The proposed system aims to achieve the following:

1. To be able to monitor properly the incoming and outgoing of stocks and monitoring of daily sales and to generate reports.

2. To improve the accuracy of input it will help the user to avoid mistakes regarding the data that they will give to the clients.

3. To provide security in unauthorized access.

4. To evaluate the acceptability of the proposed system.

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1 : Scope and Limitation of the Study

The system will cover inputting, searching, updating, printing record, payments, point of sales inventory, deliveries and SMS notification, generates reports and it is easy for them to view the daily sales and also they can manage their employees and supply.

The monitoring module will display the overview of the system the administrator is the only authorized person to view and manipulate the entire system. And customers will receive SMS notification if the products will be delivered and provide SMS (Short Messaging Services) that will serve as a reminder to their payment due date to those have debt.

The system will also provide fast searching of products to respond to product inquires generate accurate records on the inventory, sales and transactions it will also provide security for the protection of the stored database especially business transactions. The system doesn’t support barcode tracking of products for their prices.

This system has capability to do fast and easy inventory of all the products inside the storage room by looking only in a computer data give by the system. The system has a capability to secure and retrieve a password of admin/user if he/she forgot their pin code.

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1 : Significance of the Study

This System Agri-Trading Supply and Inventory Management System with SMS notification will provide the efficient service to give the customers satisfaction that enable to transact fast, secure and reliable.

  1. Cashier

It is easy for the cashier to process any transactions to the customers where in everything is provided by the system.

2. Customer

Customer can browse in the Agri-Trading website and inquire the products that is available without exerting more effort in just one click transaction will be on process.

3. Delivery Man

Delivery man will enable to verify the location of the customers from the cashier and to know what product will be going to deliver to the customer after the transaction of the product and receiving the receipt from the cashier.

4. Future Researchers

The future researchers can also use this study as their sample study guide for their future researches that is also related to their system analysis and design project.

5. Manager

It will be easy for the manager to make reports and monitor daily sales, products, transactions, supplies, inventories in just a few click in a computer the data needed automatically the system will provide.

7. Researchers

This study shall enhance their skills and knowledge in advance technology by developing a system, and become more aware of the existence and benefits of new technology.

Online Supply and Inventory System Thesis Documentation Chapter 1 : Definition of Terms

The terms being stated below are the terms that is commonly used in the system and are defined as follows.

  1. Inventory – A complete list of the things that are in a place.In this study, it refers to the stock products of Agri-Trading that had been sold and available.

2. Record – A collection of fields, possibly of different data types. In this study, it refers to the list of important information of Agri-Trading.    

3. Reports – An official document that gives information about a particular subject.In this study, it refers to the statement that tells about something that happened in a business, reports are the important accounts of transaction.

4. Sales – The exchange of a commodity for money. In this study, it refers to the act of selling a product or service in Agri-Trading which involves the cashier and the customer during transactions.

5. SMS – (Short Messaging Services) is used to send text messages to mobile phones.In this study, it refers to a piece of information that it was given to customers which they are informed about their due date.

6. Supply – The total amount of specific good or service that is available to the consumers. In this study, it refers to the stacks of fertilizers and insecticides in the warehouse of Agri-trading which delivered by the suppliers.

7. System– A collection of elements or components that are organized for a common purpose. In this study, it refers to the supply and inventory of sales in Agri-Ttrading.

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