Chapter 2 | Documentation | Online Supply and Inventory System

Chapter 2 Documentation Online Supply and Inventory System

This Chapter 2 | Documentation | Online Supply and Inventory System includes the ideas, Related Literature and System, Local Related Literature , Foreign Related Literature, Local Related System, Foreign Related System and Features and Comaparison of Foreign and Local System . Those that were included in thus chapter helps in familiarizing information that are relevant and similar to the present study .

Here’s the Outline on how to make Chapter 2 | Documentation | Online Supply and Inventory System

Online Supply and Inventory System Chapter 2

  1. Review and Related Literature and System

  2. Local Related Literature

  3. Foreign Related Literature

  4. Local Related System

  5. Foreign Related System

  6. Features and Comaparison of Foreign and Local System

Review and Related Literature and System

This chapter deals with a review of related literature of Agri-Trading Supply and Inventory Management System with SMS Notification. It provides comparison between the proposed system and other system. 

Chapter 2 | Documentation | Online Supply and Inventory System : Local Related Literature

Point of Sales

According to PLDT (2011), small and medium enterprises, who long for a point-of-sale(POS) system that can track how much they sell and how much stock they have left at their stores in real-time and from anywhere, can now turn to PLDT SME Nation.

PLDT Smart SME Nation strives to support micro, small, and medium enterprises(MSMEs)to leverage on the technological platform by making available solutions that can help them grow their business and make it big in their respective business.

Inventory System

Inventory System for Best Choice Rice Dealer”by Bisagas, Arivada, and Tanteo (October 2009). The process of counting the sacks of rice is done manually, which corresponds to difficulty in tallying the number of available stocks and sold items.

The Manual generation of inventory reports such as daily, weekly, quarterly and annual inventory list of records remains as one of their key problem since the establishment of the business. The transaction processing system for Best Choice Rice Dealer will minimize the difficulty the owner in processing inventory.

It will  monitor the availability of product items for reorder to prevent under stocking, overstocking or running out of stocks. The system will also generate necessary reports of inventory such as sales reports.

Monitoring and Inventory

In the study from Averion, Gaela, and Libo (2009) entitled “Monitoring and Inventory for discovery”, it stated that “It will minimize the difficulty of the manager in processing inventory because physical counting products, stocks and computing inventory summary will be the system job.

It will monitor the availability of products, items to prevent under stocking, over stocking and running out of stocks. The system will also simplify the transaction between dealer and supplier relationship because of the updated supplier information and price list of items will correspond to collaboration with other supplier.”

Chapter 2 | Documentation | Online Supply and Inventory System : Foreign Related Literature

Web-based Device Reservation for Jyvsectec (Szabo,2014)

The purpose of the project was to develop the server application and this thesis describes the process of development. This is a web application, to be used for reservation of devices inside Jyvsectec Security Technology and the expected outcome is a functioning web application that can be utilized to make reservations for the devices.

Design and Implementation of SMS Based Water Billing System (Bello,2014

In this study, billing is critical function of most Water Boards especially towards sending the bill to their consumers. Most problems, currently seen, result from the manual processes followed.

Calculations errors, delays in system updating and bill sending, also report tracking issues are the major problems that water boards find difficult to find answers. This project word provides a solution called SMS based water billing system to collect process and notify consumers about consumption.

The proposed solution uses evolving Mobile Technologies known as SMS and vogue pay online payment technologies, over a solution which uses web application to handle the organization’s day to day transactions which allow the water board to send bills to their consumers via SMS and consumers to pay their bills using ATM cards.

According to Bello, their system has a web-based system that the consumer can log in using the internet to pay their bills and the similarity in our system. (Agri-Trading Supply and Inventory Management System with SMS notification) lies on the SMS that is sent to the consumers to be notified of their billing information

System analysis and Design

Cashman stated in her book “System Analysis and Design” (2011) that transaction processing system data generated by day-to-day business operations.

Transaction processing are efficient because they process a set of transaction related commands as a group rather than individually to protect data integrity however, TP systems ensure that if any single element of a transaction fails, the system does not process the next transaction.

Chapter 2 | Documentation | Online Supply and Inventory System: Local Related System

Sales and Inventory Monitoring System (2014)

Jeonsoft Inventory System aims to provide easier and faster way to monitor the movement of the business’ stock of goods. It is interactively designed to possibly do the common tasks done in customary way. From item entry, releasing of items, inventory adjustment, transferring of goods from one warehouse to another and production, sure you can keep track of your inventory.

JIS uses Jibes XP Tools that has been especially configured with properties that would help you organize well the flow of your inventory. To ensure the security maintenance of JBS system, it has JADE (Jeonsoft Administrative Enforcer) programmed to protect the transactions in your system.

Users will be asked to enter their login name and password to confirm if they are entitled to access the system. Using JADE, Administrators can also assign a specific module for employees to access since they are only entitled to access modules that are related to their work.

A sales and inventory monitoring system collects data to aid in production scheduling, accurate details, and reliable information. For example, some systems use recent sales data to forecast how many of a type of product will be needed to meet consumer demand in the near future.

This includes monitoring the levels of a product at all locations. A good example is a global company with customers all over the world. The customer may live in Philippines, but the system must see if the warehouse in China has a product available to ship to Philippines.

Online Supply Inventory System of Bukidnon State University, Abrio, et. El., (December 2013)

This online supply inventory system helps the personnel in charge of the office find out the capacity of the supplies as well as the relevant information of asset availability, and replace the current practice of extensive manual recording of asset documentation thus holding a key for an organization like university to gaining competitive advantage though efficient operational performance.

It provides the facility to the user so that they can keep tracks of all equipment being supplied. The management of the Inventory is benefited by the system, as it automates the whole supply procedure, which will reduce the workload. This system is able to provide the interface to the user that he can replicate his desired data.

Though the most part of the system is supposed to act in the background, efforts have been made to make the foreground interaction with user as smooth as possible. It ensures that data is keep safe from corruption and that access to it is suitably controlled limited access to ensure data security and protected.

Sales and Inventory System for Claretian communication foundation Incorporation

Inventory System is important and needed to be used by the companies in the industries. This will speed up the filling of records, manpower utilization, security guidelines, the company will able track the money, stocks, updates, changes in the company and others matters that includes managing.

Manual systems are old fashion and has no assurance that the files have security. The good inventory system a database recording with security that will take care of the records, as such a good system will organized and handles the integrity of the records. (Ely, Montojo &Reonico,2011)

Chapter 2 | Documentation | Online Supply and Inventory System: Foreign Related System

Sales and Inventory Management System Information System with Transaction Processing System for Everest International Manufacturing Incorporation ( Castillo, 2014)

The proponent’s objective is to improve the manual system of Everest International Manufacturing Incorporated to an automated one. Through this, processing of this system which is capable of holding vast and diverse data sets on land ownership and transactions.

This study measured how well the technology used by the next electronic system suits the needs and contexts of the users of land records in Kenya. For keeping a long term records, the proposed system designed an organized database to reliably keep every single information of land records and transacts.

Online Dental Reservation with SMS Notification(Rala,2014) (search mo danay!!!)

This system is created for dental reservation with the use of modern technology, a website which facilitate appointment reservation through SMS notification to confirm that reservation request is approve and saves my client information.

In relation to the proposed Agri-Trading Management System with SMS Notification, it includes online ordering of fertilizer and SMS notification which will then notify the administrator through real-time notification about ordering online of customer.

Inventory Management System

According to Janes (2011) stated that computers are extremely reliable device and very powerful calculators with some great accessories applications like word processing problem for all of business activities, regardless of size, computers have three advantages over other type of office equipment that process information because computer are faster, more accurate more economical.

Inventory management systems were created to help dealerships implement, maintain, and fine-tune their inventory plans. Dealers who use inventory management systems realize quicker vehicle turns and a higher ROI than dealers that don’t. Choosing the right system can make a significant contribution to your inventory management efforts

Table 1. Features and Comparison of Foreign and Local System

Table 1 shows the differences of the system and studies related to the proponent’s proposed system


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