Student Grading System VB.Net Full Source Code

Student Grading System VB.Net Full Source Code

This Student Grading System VB.Net full source code is a simple application that enables the user to add the new student, Update and Delete student basic info. The system also allows the user to compute grades for Attendance, Written Quiz, Practical Quiz, Project, and Exam. As well as the Total grade of a student is computed and it is interpreted through the remarks if the student Passed or Failed. This application is also best for new programmers because it has all the basic features and functionality that could be used for making a big system in future hope you like this application.

By the way I have here Student Management System Project in Python with Source Code maybe you like.

Watch Below the Grading System before you download it

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Downloadable Source code here


This project is intended only for student practice and not for commercial use, but you are free to download the source code here and modify it to fits your client requirements. I hope this could help you understand more about simple grading system.


If you have any questions or suggestions about this simple grading system in VB.NET, please let me know just drop a comment below of send me a message on our contact page.

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