Complete POS and Inventory System using VB.Net

Complete POS and Inventory System using VB.Net

Complete POS and inventory system using is created using visual studio 2013 with MySQL Database Server.

This system is using SAP Crystal Reports for the generation of different reports.

The POS with inventory system can be used to create your own personalized system like the school canteen Point of sales system.

You can use this system also for your thesis project if you are a student that currently having their final year project.

Complete POS and Inventory System using VB.Net.

POS and Inventory System VB.Net Projects with Source Code Features

  • Products – add, update and delete products.

  • Product Category – add, update and delete product categories.

  • Suppliers – add, update and delete supplier details.

  • Employees – add, update and delete employee details.

  • Sales – daily, monthly and yearly sales.

  • Reports – sales report, and all summary reports

  • Settings (for VAT, BACK-UP AND RESTORE DATABASE and DISCOUNT settings)

  • Defective Items – add, update and delete defective items

  • Stock In – adds quantity to the product

  • Stock-Out – sales out the quantity

  • Re-order Stocks – re-stocking your below 10 stocks

  • Sales Out – overview of sales of transaction

  • Stocks Expiration – lets you know what date of the stock expiration

  • Point-of-Sale – scans merchandise and create a point of sale transaction

If you don’t any idea how to use visual studio 2013 or higher version, you can start your lesson here. How to Connect MySQL To Visual Studio 2019 for sure, you will learn fast and be able to make your own personalized projects.


Requirements to run this project

The following software you need in order for this program to run are the following:
1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013
2. MySQL Database Server
3. SAP Crystal Reports for VS 2013

Watch the video of Point of sales and inventory system here to get an idea of what is really the features and functionality of an ideal Point of sales system that can be installed to client computers.

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To download the source code, click below.

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