Open Source Project Management Software


Open Source Project Management Software

This Open Source Project Management Software is written using C#.NET as front end and SQL Server 2008 as back end.

Requirement: Visual Studio 2010 (Sql Server 2008)

Main features are :

1. Employee management
2. Projects Entry
3. Project Stages Entry
4.Projects Category Entry
5.Clients Entry
6. Project Management
7. Database Backup
6. Database Recovery
9.Log Facility

Advance Records search :

  1. Clients Records
  2. Employee Records
  3. Category Records
  4. Stages Records
  5. Project Management Record

Other Features:

  1.  User Registration
  2. Change Password
  3. Password Recovery
  4. User Registration Record

For Login Information:

User Name – admin
Password – 12345

Contact me at FB:
My WhatsApp Number: +917225958058

Email:[email protected]

Contact number: +917225958058

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