Simple Enrollment System in with Source Code

Simple Enrollment System in with Source Code

This is a Complete Enrollment System Project in for Andulauan National High School project. The system is created using Visual Basic 2008 and MS access 2007 for the database and its use crystal report for generating of various reports.

What is Visual Basic’s purpose?

The third-generation programming language was created to aid developers in the creation of Windows applications. It has a programming environment that allows programmers to write code in.exe or executable files. They can also utilize it to create in-house front-end solutions for interacting with huge databases. Because the language allows for continuing changes, you can keep coding and revising your work as needed.

However, there are some limits to the Microsoft Visual Basic download. If you want to make applications that take a long time to process, this software isn’t for you. That implies you won’t be able to use VB to create games or large apps because the system’s graphic interface requires a lot of memory and space. Furthermore, the language is limited to Microsoft and does not support other operating systems.

What are the most important characteristics of Visual Basic?

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Download, unlike other programming languages, allows for speedier app creation. It has string processing capabilities and is compatible with C++, MFC, and F#. Multi-targeting and the Windows Presentation Framework are also supported by the system, allowing developers to create a variety of Windows apps, desktop tools, metro-style programs, and hardware drivers.

Benefits of Enrollment System

This system you can easily manage the student information in a convenient way. Using the computerized system, it can help to lessen the effort of faculty staff in storing files of each student every now and then.

This will also serve as information especially for the irregular students, freshmen, transfer, and professor in able to get access to course, subject, professor, and student enrollees.

Complete Enrollment System Features:

• Adding new students, Search and Update records and listing of students
• This system also can able to change the status of each student
• You can Add, Search and Update subjects at every year level
• Add grades to a subject taken by the students
• List of students reports by Year
• Drop and failed students reports
• List of Transferees
• And the system has a User management system for user login and logout

Username :admin
Password: a

You can download the Source Code here. enrollment_system

If you want an online enrollment System full source code 100% free. Just click the link below.

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