KCC Judging System Using MySQL in VB.Net

KCC Judging System Using MySQL in VB.Net

The Purpose of this KCC Judging System Using MySQL in VB.Net is to be used by the Judges in Contests or Competitions for easily scoring of points and determining of winners.

The event judging system is a PHP project that keeps track of the points for a certain dancing event. Alternatively, you may organize your own competition with your own set of judges.

This project is primarily focused on the dance industry in order to provide a real-time scorecard. Judges can award the participants the required number of points based on their performance.

I upgrade the functionality and create a new platform in VB.NET this time. The project offers a beautiful user interface and user-friendly functionalities.

The game timing can be adjusted to match the tournament time limit. The system can be managed or altered using the provided keyboard keys, such as starting the timer, playing a buzzer, and increasing or reducing the team scores.

The main features are:

  • Judges – Add,Delete,Update
  • Contest – Add,Delete,Update
  • Contestants/ Competitors – Add,Delete,Update
  • Can add Criteria for Judging
  • Print Reports for Determining the Contest Winner.
  • Score Tabulation can be viewed directly.

If you have questions or suggestion regarding KCC Judging System Using MySQL in VB.Net, please feel free to contact the programmers below:

NAME: Christian Pecson
FB@: Christian Pecson

NAME: Andrew Braza
FB@: Andrew Braza

NAME: Clive Dela Cruz
FB@: Clive Dela Cruz


Download Source Code here: KCC Judging System Using MySQL in VB.Net


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