Web-Based Internet Laboratory Management System Using PHP

Web-Based Internet Laboratory Management System Using PHP

This source code of a Web-Based Internet Laboratory Management System Using PHP which I will be sharing today is an online version of my previous post entitled Internet Laboratory Management System. In this version, it is created using PHP and MYSQLi and this project has an admin side and frontend side.

This system has a registration of students wherein all the registered students can now be enrolled in the system so that they will be able to avail their allocated time which is equivalent to 10 hours that is consumable within the semester. When the student has consumed their allotted time, their account will be automatically banned. The system also monitoring of live users using the Live Monitor feature. As well as the Wifi Monitoring is also available in this system.

Here are the following features.

Admin Side

  • Manage Students Record
  • Manage Users
  • Enrollment Module
  • Manage Course
  • Live Monitor
  • Student Logs
  • Wifi Monitoring
  • Banned Students
  • Reports(Student Records, Banned Students, Individual Student Logs)

You can Login to admin Side using this admin account:

Username: admin


Frontend Side

  • Student Profile
  • Account Details
  • Time Logs

You can login to frontend side using this student account:

Username: edsel

Password: 1234

If you have any questions or suggestion with regards to this project Web-Based Internet Laboratory Management System Using PHP or any system, please feel free to contact me using our contact page or you can post or share your concerns on our Forum.

To experience this project, download the source code here. and here’s the Database.

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