5 Steps on How To Connect VB.Net To MySQL Database

5 Steps on How To Connect VB.Net To MySQL Database

This tutorial entitled “5 Steps How to Connect VB.Net to MySQL Database” will teach you how to create a MySQL connection through the use of visual studio 2013 or a higher version of visual studio.

This tutorial can give solutions to those questions about how to connect VB.Net to MySQL Database or How do I connect VB.Net to MySQL Database found on the internet.

MySQL is the standard Database System used today and mostly compatible in any different programming languages.

How To Connect VB.Net To MySQL Database

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are the 5 Steps on How To Connect VB.Net To MySQL Database

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VB.Net Login Code With MySQL Database Tutorial of [2019]Best Practices with [Full Source Code]
  • Step 1: Add Reference

    go solution explorer and right click project then select “Add Reference.” 
    add reference

  • Step 2: Add MySQL.Data.dll

    When the “Add reference” box appears, find and select MySQL.Data.dll” in the “.Net” or “Recent” tab and click Ok. The MySql.Data.dll reference is in your project.

    add reference window

  • Step 3: Add Module

    Go back to your “Project” menu and select “Add Module.” The codes will be inserted into your newly created module.
    Add Module in VB.NET

  • Step 4: Name the Module

    Add new item dialog box appeared. Input the name of your module and click add button. In my case, I used “dbconfig.”
    Module Name

  • Step 5: Start Coding

    In this final step, add the following codes inside your newly created module.
    Import libraries (put this code above Module)
    Imports MySql.Data.MySqlClient

Creating VB.net MySQL Connection String

Conn – the name of your connection, we use this connection in your CRUDS function.

Host– the hostname of your MySQL Server

User– the username of your MySQL Server

Password – The password of your MySQL Server

Port – The port of your MySQL Server

Overall View of Codes

REMEMBER: This is the first method if you are working with C.R.U.D.S (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Search) application. The code is tested in Visual Studio 2008 and MySQL Server 5.1.

For Complete CRUD application of vb.net and MySQL Database, here on how to master VB.Net with MySQL Database in 30 minutes.

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