How to Save Data Using VB.Net and MySQL Database


This topic about “Save Data Using VB.Net and MySQL Database”, we all know that saving data is one of the important features of an application with (C.R.U.D.S) functions. When the data is inserted into MySQL Database or any database system used by the programmer, the data automatically converted into useful information so that the user will study that information and come up a knowledge. There are three different process of getting knowledge from the application that uses (C.R.U.D.S) functions.


This tutorial requires Visual Studio and MySQL Server to complete all the steps. In my last tutorial, we discuss on how to create a MySQL connection using Visual Basic.Net. You cannot proceed to this tutorial if don’t understand my last tutorial.

Save Data Using VB.Net and MySQL Database Steps:


In your project, add a new “Windows Form” and name it with “user” or you can add your own form name.



Add the following object in your new created windows form. Label, Textbox, Combobox, and Button from your toolbox. Don’t forget to setup a unique name in every object you added especially in Textbox and Combobox. Your form should look like the image below.


Double Click your button to automatically create a “button click event”. Insert the following codes below.

  1. Try
  2. Dim Str As String = "INSERT INTO User_Registration VALUES ('" & txtidnumber.Text & "','" & txtname.Text & "','" & txtaddress.Text & "','" & txtcontact.Text & "','" & txtemail.Text & "','" & cbogender.Text & "')"
  3. conn.Open()
  4. Dim mysc As New MySqlCommand(Str, conn)
  5. mysc.ExecuteNonQuery()
  6. MsgBox("Data successfully added!", MsgBoxStyle.Information)
  7. conn.Close()
  8. Catch ex As Exception
  9. MsgBox(ex.Message)
  10. conn.Close()
  11. End Try


Try to run your project and add a sample data. Your form should look like the image below after hitting the save button. A dialog box appear if data successfully added to MySQL Database.

save data using
save data using

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