Backup Restore MS Access Database Using Visual Basic 2012

Backup Restore MS Access Database Using Visual Basic 2012

A simple way to create a Backup Restore MS Access Database Using Visual Basic 2012, I have sample code snippet to enable to do the backup and restore thing. In this course, I assumed that you have already a background on using Visual Basic.Net or VB 2008 up to higher version.

Backup and restoration are critical in case you accidentally erase something crucial in the system’s information. So, in this article, I’ll show you how to use VB.Net to backup and restore an MS Access database, allowing you to easily backup and restore the file.

Simply follow the steps outlined below. Before we begin, place your Microsoft Access database under the project folder’s Debug folder. BackupRestoreAccess\BackupRestoreAccess\bin\Debug

Tutorials Start:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 is now open.
On the File menu, choose New Project.
Click OK after selecting Visual Basic, Windows Form Application.
In our form, we’ll need the following controls:
2 labels for the labeling of the source and destination file textboxes, as well as 2 labels for the open file and save file dialogues.
Text boxes for the source and destination files are included in the second text box.
One command button and one backup button
Dialogue to save a file
1 Dialogue in an Open File
In the same approach, we’ll call our form controls:
The textbox for username is called txtsource.
The textbox for Password is called txtdestination.
The button for Login is called cmdbackup.



Here’s the code for backup:


for Restore code:


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