Deleting Records in MS Access Using VB.Net


This tutorial is all about Deleting Records in MS Access Using VB.Net. In this post i will teach you on Deleting Records in MS Access Using VB.Net. So let’s get started:

As a continuation of this tutorial. We will use the Displaying Data Table Records in Datagridview using VB.Net

  • First, Design your Form like this one below.
    Add another Button. Name it “Delete

  • “After designing the form. Click the Update Button and add this following codes.
    1. Private Sub Button4_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click
    2. Try
    3. Sql = "DELETE * FROM tblitems WHERE ID=" & Me.Text
    4. Myconnection.Open()
    5. With dbcmd
    6. .CommandText = Sql
    7. .Connection = Myconnection
    8. End Withresult = dbcmd.ExecuteNonQuery
    9. If result > 0 Then
    10. MsgBox("New Record has been Deleted!")
    11. Myconnection.Close()
    12. Call Button1_Click(sender, e)
    13. cleartextfields()
    15. Else
    16. MsgBox("No Record has been Deleted!")
    17. End If
    19. Catch ex As Exception
    20. MsgBox(ex.Message)
    21. Finally
    22. Myconnection.Close()
    23. End Try
    24. End Sub
  • Then Click F5 to Run the Program.

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Download Deleting Records in MS Access Using VB.Net Here

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