Expectation Versus Reality Being Programmer

This article about Expectation Versus reality being programmer will give you some background about being a programmer. When you envision yourself working for a big company as a programmer(Junior or Senior Programmer), you have to do lots of efforts and hard work in order for you to qualify yourself. You have to be more logical because programming is more on logic.

If you ask if you have to be a mathematician first in order for you to become a programmer, Well mathematicians can become a good programmer, but it is not mandatory to have a higher understanding about mathematics for being a good programmer even though programming skills requires depth knowledge of mathematics.

According to (Srihari Sankar Sahu, Full Stack Developer) says.

But if you really want to become a programmer, you must consider that this is a sitting job and you have to think hard what do you really want to do as programmer maybe you want to focus in web development, desktop application, game development and many other.

See this video below from a man that has so many experience in programming and works as consultants and programmer from different companies, I hope you could learn from his insights also as I learned so much from him.

Watch this movie clips about Expectation Versus Reality Being Programmer below.



But what programmers really doing? Watch the movie clips below.


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