Online Cellphone System Using PHP

Online Cellphone System Using PHP

This Online Cellphone System Using PHP with simple source will teach you on how to create a program of an online cellphone system. 

Online Ordering System for Cellphone services are websites of cellphone shops cooperatives set up for customers to select from the interactive menus provided so as the ordering process can take place.

In order for ordering to take place, any sorts of internet capable devices which support complex web pages are used. People normally use computers to access into the food websites and place an order.

Similar to ordering consumer goods online, online cellphone ordering services also allow consumer to register and uphold an account at the Online Cellphone System website in order to make frequent ordering convenient.

A consumer will look for favourite shops, browse from available items, and select delivery or pick-up. Payments could be made via credit card or cash. Partial of the payment will be given to the online food company. The pioneer restaurants to adopt online food ordering services are corporate franchises such as Oppo Online Shop.

Online Cellphone System Using PHP Features

  1. Order online, choose whether you want to pick up or deliver

  2. Orders received will automatically printed

  3. Products will be posted at home page

  4. Display your menu and prices online

  5. Create special deals

  6. Specify operating hours for online orders

  7. Orders can be pre-ordered for a later date/time required

  8. Hide unavailabe products for delivery

  9. Display the estimated preparation time for delivery

  10. No point of sale system is required


This Online Cellphone System Using PHP is created with source code for a student project. You can download the full source code and modify it to fit your client’s requirements.

Click here to download: cp

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