Book Storage System Source Code

Book Storage System Source Code

This Book Storage System Source Code is a PHP Projects With Source Code that was made for the convenience of the Users. This system consists information of Books, Publisher, Author, Shelf Type and Genre that can be used for transactions, and consists information of books.

The users can stored their books in our system. In transaction, this records the date stored, date claimed, the name of user, and the book stored by user or client. It increases the storage capacity, density and monitor the rotation of books.

This System Book Storage is also used by Admin to manage record various transactions like storing of books, claiming of books, addition of new books, addition of new students, addition of new Author and addition of new publishers, editing some information of books, authors, genre, publishers and etc. And also for user, for them to easily transact even the Admin is not around.

This system using PHP source code designed a book wise search that can be perform by the Admin for a speed improvement from the details of books, Authors and existing list of student’s membership. 

Using this organized system handles the maintenance of records as well as the entire transactions from registration of books up to the issue of the book is well-arranged and convenient system for the users is not just for them to make their works and jobs much easier but also for stress less transactions.


  • Manage author
  • Manage publishers
  • Manage books
  • Manage genre
  • Manage Shelf Location


This Book Storage System Source code is created using PHP for a student project. You can download the full source code and modify it to fit your client’s requirements.

Download the full source code: Book Storage System

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