Solitaire Javascript Code Free Download

Solitaire Javascript Code Free Download

The Solitaire Javascript Code is a single-player solitaire card game that is played using a normal 52-card deck. These languages were used to create the program: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The application is simple to use, and the user can rearrange the cards within the game by clicking them into the desired pile order.

The goal of the Solitaire Javascript game is to get a king in each of the four piles at the top of the board. To achieve so, the piles must be created in the same suit from Ace to King. Any face-up card on the board can be moved by clicking on it and then dragging it to the desired location, and face-down cards turn over when there are no cards ahead of them. Stacks on the board must be constructed in ascending order from King to Ace.

This Javascript Project With Source Code also includes a downloadable javascript source code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

Solitaire in JavaScript with Source... x
Solitaire in JavaScript with Source Code | JavaScript Projects with Source Code

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To start executing a Solitaire Javascript Code Free Download,  makes sure that you have any platform in creating a JavaScriptCSS,  bootstrap, and HTML installed in your computer, in my case I will use Sublime Text.

Solitaire Javascript Code Free Download : Steps on how to create the project

Time needed: 5 minutes.

These are the steps on how to create Solitaire Javascript Code Free Download

  • Step 1: Create a folder.

    First, create a folder and named it.
    solitaire create folder

  • Step 2: Open the folder in “Sublime Text”.

    Second ,after creating a folder, open it in “sublime text“.
    solitaire open folder

  • Step 3: Create a html file.

    Third, create a “html” file and save it as “index.html
    solitaire html file

The code given below is for the html module

In the code above given which is the html module of the project.

Project Output

Solitaire Javascript Code Output
Solitaire Javascript Code Output
Project Name :Solitaire JavaScript Code
Project Platform :JavaScript
Programming Language Used:php,javascript,html,css
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Sublime
Project Type :Web Application
Upload Date and Time:July 28, 2021- 6:18 am

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Downloadable Source Code


This JavaScript Project With Source Code is simply in HTMLCSS, and JavaScript. To start creating this Simple Javascript Project With Source Code, make sure that you have basic knowledge in HTMLCSS and Javascript. In this Javascript project also includes a downloadable source code for free.

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