Brick Breaker Game in Java with Source Code

What is Brick Breaker Game in Java?

A Brick Breaker Game in Java consists of bricks aligned at the top of the screen. The player is represented by a small ball that is put at the bottom of the screen on a small platform.

The platform on the screen can be moved from left to right using the arrow buttons on the computer. The platform is used by the player to keep the ball moving.

The goal is to smash as many bricks as possible while avoiding hitting the ball with your platform.

This Brick Breaker Game in Java Source Code was developed in Java Programming language using NetBeans IDE.


Game Development is one of the fun ways to learn technology. It’s not that easy but if you want to develop a game then this information is for you.

The article focuses on the basic implementation steps for the development of a simple game for beginners. It will help to accelerate your practical understanding.

This game development project will give you java knowledge with integration and basic animation techniques.

Project Description

Some of you already know about the brick breaker game. It has a small ball that hits the bricks with the help of a little platform at the bottom.

The player uses this platform to bounce the ball. The more you break the bricks, the more you score. If you miss the ball to bounce then game over.

This project is for beginners and gives a basic overview of the game. It will definitely help you with your first-year project or as a fun purpose implementation.

The following are the milestones of the project implementation.

  • Display bricks and disappear after hitting the ball.
  • Small platform moving left and right
  • The ball must bounce after hitting brick and platform at the bottom
  • Score display

What is the original brick breaker game?

(The game in which you play table tennis with two on-screen rectangles.) It was created by Nolan Bushnell, the creator of Atari.

The first Breakout game was created by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs for an arcade machine and depicted a prisoner breaking the walls with his shackles on his feet.

How many levels does breaker fun have?

There are over 3000 levels to test your ball breaker skills and rescue puzzles. Don’t worry, we have a variety of special balls and surprise boosters to assist you in overcoming obstacles and completing difficult levels.

To save the poor man, simply crush and break all the bricks!

How do you play the brick game?

The goal of the game is to strike the bricks with the ball and demolish them.

By manipulating the paddle with your mouse, you must keep the ball in play. You advance to the next level if you destroy all of the bricks.

Brick Breaker Game in Java : Project Details and Technology

Project Title:Brick Breaker Game Project in Java
Abstract :Brick Breaker Game in Java a is a Breakout clone which the player must smash a wall of bricks by deflecting a bouncing ball with a paddle.
Project Type:Desktop Application
Technology :NetBeans Version 11.2
Database :None
Developer:IT Source Code
Brick Breaker Game Project in Java With Source Code – Project Details

Break Breaker Game in Java
Break Breaker Game Project Output

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To start executing a Brick Breaker Game in Java NetBeans With Source Code, makes sure that you have NetBeans IDE or any platform of Java installed in your computer.

Steps on how to run Brick Breaker Game in Java with Source Code

Time needed: 5 minutes

Brick Breaker Game in Java with Source Code

  • Step 1: Download source code.

    First, download the source code given below.
    brick breaker game in java download source code

  • Step 2: Extract file.

    Second, after you finished download the source code, extract the zip file.
    brick breaker game in java extract zip file

  • Step 3: Click open project.

    Third, open NetBeans IDE and click open project and choose your download source code.
    brick breaker game in java open project

  • Step 4: Run the project.

    Last, right click the project folder and click run.
    brick breaker game in java run project

Download Source Code below


This Brick Breaker Game in Java Source Code was created in Java Programming using NetBeans IDE, it also includes a downloadable source code for free..


If you have any questions or suggestions about Brick Breaker Game in Java with Source Code, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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