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Chapter 3 in Thesis Writing for IT/CS Students

best thesis

Chapter 3 (Design and Methodology) Generally, this chapter will describe how you will create and develop your analysis section. The section describing measurement techniques should include some test of validity and reliability. In addition, the who, what, when, and where of data collection procedure will be used. Another, the researcher will discuss and present the […]

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Writing A Good Research Title For Thesis or Capstone Project

best thesis

Research title in writing a thesis or capstone project is the one whom we eventually think first. We find it hard especially if we do not have enough background about such things. Hence, a good research title summarizes the main idea of the thesis or capstone project. It contains the fewest possible words which substantially […]

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How to Make An Effective Thesis or Capstone Document

best thesis

Effective Thesis or Capstone Document is one of the common problems that pop up in the mind of a graduating student taking any computer related course. The main purpose of this article is to help those students or research group who finds difficulties in making an effective Thesis or Capstone research Document. In order to have […]

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Computer Laboratory Inventory System

computer laboratory inventory system

This Computer Laboratory Inventory System is not yet complete but it can perform some of the major functions of an inventory system. The system can Manage Asset Name, Brand, Locations, Operating System, Status, Parts, and Tools found inside the Technician office or the Computer Laboratory itself. This application allows the user to set all the computer […]

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