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Category: PHP

Drop Database using MySqladmin:

You can create any database using MySQL mysqladmin binary. It’s very important to understand that If you drop a database, that means to delete any database then all the data in it will be deleted forever.So always think twice before dropping a database. Here is an example to delete a database created in the previous chapter: [root@host]# […]

Create Database using MySqladmin

You can create any database using MySQL mysqladmin binary.Either it is a local server made by using Xamp or Online servers.This way you can have a database ready. Example: A simple example to Show you as how to  create database named as “Database tutorials”: [root@host]# mysqladmin -u root -p create Database tutorials Enter password:***** The above-given code will […]

Simple Student Information System

This student information system is yet simple but this got a flexible capacity in terms of adding new student, update student information as well as deleting a registered user. Thus, this also got a simple theme which is highly appreciated when making a complex system. Features: Add, update, delete user information Simple List of registered […]

Student Information System

This student Information System is a highly organized system where you can update the information of a student. Thus, you can also add a new student, send feedbacks and comments. Also, the system enables to organize the list of students through table style. [bha size=’760×80′ variation=’01’ align=’aligncenter’] Features: Add, Update, Delete Student Information Comment and […]

Online Ordering System

This online ordering system is made up of centralized database where all items were systematically arranged according to categories. Also, the system manages the flow control of transaction as well as the flow of customer’s feedbacks.   Features: Register new customer Add, Update, Delete numerous transactions Read customer feedback Order many items Upload what item […]

Hotel Management System

This simple system entitled Hotel Management System can be used for easy storing and retrieval of guest transactions. And this system also integrated into the booking of hotel rooms. This has an Add, Update, Delete Rooms and types of Room.   Features: -Add, Update, Delete Rooms -Manage Rooms Information   Login: Username: admin Password:  admin In order […]

Supplies Inventory System

Supplies Inventory System features Login/Logout and Registration. The system can add and verify product, edit price, release products and print inventory report. This is a simple and user-friendly inventory system. The system includes: Login Form Registration Admin Password: admin Supplies Inventory Item Name Item Price Stock in Stock out Print Supplies Inventory Report   Note: […]

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