Automated Payroll System In Java Netbeans IDE


Automated Payroll System using Java Netbeans IDE

This is an Automated Payroll System using Java Netbeans IDE
The Automated Payroll System using Java Netbeans IDE is intended for the use of the employees of the company. This automated payroll system that utilizes Java will allow the employee to time in and time out automatically without the use of paper works. Also, the System is created using Java Netbeans IDE  is capable of automatically computing the salary of all the employees. The Automated Payroll System in Java Netbeans IDE has several features that are suited especially in private companies. The Automated Payroll System source code was developed using Java programming language in Netbeans IDE, and the database application used was XAMPP(MySQL).


The main features of the system available to the user are the following:

Designation  – can add, update and delete designation details.
Designation Amount – can add updates and delete the amount of designation.
Employees – can add, update and delete employee details.
Time IN/OUT – can track the daily time record history of an employee.
Records – will filter records between two separate dates.
Automatic computation of salary.
Print – can print the daily time records of an employee.
Worker payment – can print the salary of an employee.
Password – can recover the password of the admin.

The following are the software that you’ll need in order for this program to run:
1. Java Development Kit Software

you can download the JDK in this website link

and the xampp software can be found in this link

For questions, any other concerns or thesis/capstone creation with documentation, you can contact me through the following:


E-Mail: [email protected]


Contact #: +639098911050

Ryan A. Salem

BSIT Graduate, soon to be MIT.

System Analyst and Developer

To download the source code, click here.

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  1. Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:sqlite:D:\\new1\\new20\\new20\\databases\\payroll.sqlite”);

    database please.


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