modulenotfounderror: no module named imwatermark

In this article, we will discuss the solution on how to solve the error no module named imwatermark. Also, we will discuss what is python imwatermark?

Why this error occur?

The modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘imwatermark’ occurs when the python interpreter cannot find the installed library of “imwatermark“.

On the other hand, the error occurs because you may have installed different python versions when you are using.

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What is Python imwatermark?

The “imwatermark” is a Python library standard that the users can allow to add watermarks to images.

This is the fastest and easiest solution to protect your images from being used without the permission of an owner.

Furthermore, with the help of “imwatermark”, you should be able to add text and can also add the image watermarks into your images.

Plus, you can adjust the size, position, opacity, and other settings of watermark and also you can add numerous watermarks to an image.

Moreover, an imwatermark is an open source library that you can use for free.

This is a strong tool for everybody who wants to secure their images from unauthorized usage.

How to Solve the no module named imwatermark in Python?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

To solve the no module named imwatermark in Python. In your project folder directory, open the command prompt(CMD). Then type the following pip command to install the imwatermark:

  • Solution 1: Install imwatermark in python for windows platform

    The following command below is for the installation of imwatermark for windows:
    pip install imwatermark

  • Solution 2: Install invisible-watermark

    If the error still exists try this other command to solve the error in your python library:
    pip install invisible-watermark

  • Solution 3: Install imwatermark in Anaconda

    This is the following command to install in the anaconda platform:
    conda install -c conda-forge watermark

  • Solution 4: Install imwatermark in Jupyter notebook

    The following command below is for the installation of imwatermark in jupyter notebook.
    !conda install –yes –prefix {sys.prefix} watermark


In conclusion, we already provide the solutions above on how to fix the error Modulenotfounderror: no module named imwatermark you encountered.

I hope this article can help you to solve your error about no module named imwatermark.

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