Keyboard Shortcuts On PowerPoint Presentations

Do you always use PowerPoint for your presentations, but you still don’t know the keyboard shortcuts on PowerPoint? This article will show you the keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint slideshow presentations.

Here, you’ll discover the most essential keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint that will speed up your workflow and help you create effective presentations faster. So what are you waiting for? Learn the shortcut keys for PowerPoint, or ppt.

This article will guarantee that after learning these MS PowerPoint shortcut keys and applying them while you are doing your presentation. In the end, you’ll look like a more experienced presenter to your viewers and especially to your bosses.

Basic or general PowerPoint Shortcut Keys

Let’s start with mostly used MS PowerPoint shortcut keys or also called the basic or general keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Ctrl + KInsert a hyperlink.
Ctrl + MAdd a new slide.
Ctrl + NCreate a new powerpoint presentation.
Ctrl + OOpen an existing presentation.
Ctrl + PPrint a presentation.
Ctrl + QSave and close a presentation.
Ctrl + SSave a presentation.
Ctrl + TOpen the Font dialog box.
Ctrl + WClose a presentation.
Alt + AGo to the Animations tab.
Alt + CGo to the Record tab.
Alt + FOpen the File tab menu.
Alt + GOpen the Design tab.
Alt + HGo to the Home tab.
Alt + JIGo to the Draw tab.
Alt + KGo to the Transitions tab.
Alt + NOpen the Insert tab.
Alt + QGo to the “Tell me what you want to do” box.
Alt + RGo to the Review tab.
Alt + SGo to the Slide Show tab.
Alt + WGo to View tab.
Alt + YGo to the Help tab.
Alt + F2Open the Save As dialog box.
Ctrl + F1Show or hide the ribbon.
Ctrl + F2Print Preview View.
Ctrl + TabSwitch between different open presentations.

Shortcuts for Navigating and Selecting Objects

The following MS PowerPoint shortcut keys are a big help when it comes to quickly navigating throughout your presentation.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
TabSelect and/or switch to the next object on a slide.
Shift + TabSelect or move to the previous object on a slide.
HomeGo to the first slide, or from within a text box, go to the beginning of the line.
EndGo to the last slide, or from within a text box, go to the end of the line.
Page UpGo the previous slide.
Page DownGo to the next slide.
Ctrl + Up ArrowMove a slide up in the presentation.
Ctrl + Down ArrowMove a slide down in the presentation (click on a slide thumbnail first).
Ctrl + Shift + Up ArrowMove a slide to the beginning of the presentation (click on a slide thumbnail first).
Ctrl + Shift + Down ArrowMove a slide to the end of the presentation.

Shortcuts for Editing and Formatting Text in PowerPoint

Editing and formatting your text presentation will be easier for you with the following shortcuts on powerpoint.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Ctrl + ASelect all text in a textbox.
Select all slides in a presentation or all objects on a slide.
Ctrl + BUse to find and replace.
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + DDuplicate slide.
Ctrl + E Center the text paragraph.
Ctrl + FUse to find and replace.
Ctrl + HOpen replace dialog box.
Ctrl + IApply italic text format.
Ctrl + JJustify a paragraph.
Ctrl + LAlign left a paragraph.
Ctrl + RAlign paragraph to the right.
Ctrl + TOpen formatting menu for font.
Ctrl + UApply underline format.
Ctrl + VPaste cut or copied object or text.
Ctrl + XCut selected object or text.
Ctrl + YRedo or repeat last action.
Ctrl + ZUndo an action.
Ctrl + Shift + >Increase font size.
Ctrl + Shift + <Decrease font size.
Ctrl + (=)Apply subscript format.
Ctrl + Shift + (+)Apply superscript shortcut in PowerPoint.
Ctrl + Alt + VTo open Paste Special dialog box.
Shift + F3Change letter case either uppercase or lowercase.
F7To open spell check.
Shift + F7To open thesaurus.
Alt + H + STo insert new shape
Alt + N + PTo insert new image.
Alt + N + WTo insert word art.

Delete shortcuts on PowerPoint

The following shortcut keys will help you delete certain text or objects in your PowerPoint.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Delete used to delete selected text or slides.
Ctrl + Backspaceused to delete one word left.
Ctrl + Deleteused to delete one word right.
Backspaceused to delete selected one character left.

Shortcuts for Object Formatting in PowerPoint

The following shortcut keys will help you select and format certain objects in your PowerPoint.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
Ctrl + Dused to duplicate selected objects.
Ctrl + Gused to group selected objects.
Ctrl + Shift + Gused to group selected objects.
Shift + arrow rightused to increase text box width as well as to increase object size.
Shift + arrow leftused to decrease text box width and decrease object size.
Shift + arrow upused Increase text box height
Shift + arrow downused to decrease text box height
Alt + arrow rightused to rotate objects clockwise
Alt + arrow leftused to Rotate objects counterclockwise

Slideshow Shortcut Key in PowerPoint Presentation

If you’re done crafting your PowerPoint document and ready to review your presentation, these keyboard shortcuts combinations are the best way to use them.

Keyboard ShortcutFunction
B or point (.)Changing the color of the monitor into black.
(Repeat the same process in order to return to its original slideshow.)
N or spacebar or right arrowMove to the next slide.
PMove to the previous slide.
W or Comma (,)use to pause the slideshow.
Ctrl + Hhide the cursor in the slideshow.
Ctrl + P to activate Pen tool while playing the slideshow.
Ctrl + E or EUse it to erase a mark you made with a pen on the slide.
F5Start the slide show.
Shift + F5 or Alt + S + CStart a presentation from the current slide.
Alt + F5 or Alt + S + BSwitch to presenter view.
EscExit or end the slide show.
Ctrl + Plus sign (+)Zoom in.
Ctrl + Minus sign (-)Zoom out.
Ctrl + Alt + OZoom to fit.
N or Page Down (PgDn)Move to the next slide while playing the slideshow.

Note: You can’t use the shortcut key “Ctrl” + E or E to erase marks either on a white or black screen created.

Downloadable PowerPoint Shortcut Key PDF

You can download the PowerPoint shortcut keys pdf below.


With these PowerPoint shortcut keys, you can make your powerpoint in faster and easier way. By using keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint, you can save time and impress your audience.

Shortcut keys are powerful tools that can make your PowerPoint presentations more efficient, and you’ll look like a professional presenter. You can master the list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts on PowerPoint slideshow presentations that we created just for you.

Use these shortcuts every time you are doing your presentation, and you’ll be amazed at how smoothly your presentations will go.

Thank you very much for continuing to read until the end of this article. In case you have more questions or inquiries, feel free to comment. You can also visit our website for additional information.

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