Modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘_sqlite3’

In this article, we will discuss the solutions on how to solve the error no module named _sqlite3.

The python error message no module named ‘_sqlite3’ is a frequent error that appears.

If the python interpreter is cannot find the _sqlite3 module, which is the component of the python standard library.

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What is SQLite3?

The SQLite3 is a flexible database engine accessible in the python standard library.

It performs as a local database and is reliable.

When you are developing the small applications then the SQLite3 is the perfect framework.

Why does modulenotfounderror: no module named _sqlite3 error appear?

The modulenotfounderror: no module named _sqlite3 error appear because of different reasons such as incompatibility problem.

The python installation is either not complete successfully or the _sqlite3 module is not installed in the present python environment.

Eventually, the other reason is that it is the wrong python environment so that’s why the error will occur.

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How to solve the modulenotfounderror no module named _sqlite3?

Time needed: 3 minutes

Here are the solutions to solve the Modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘_sqlite3’

  • Solution 1: Installing _sqlite3 in Python 2

    The following command below is the command to install in Python.
    pip install db-sqlite3

  • Solution 2: Installing _sqlite3 in Python 3

    The following command below is the command to install _sqlite3 in Python 3.
    pip3 install db-sqlite3

After you installed the SQLite3, try to use the sqlite3 code in your python code then the error should already be solved.

Furthermore, If the “no module named ‘_sqlite3′” error will continue, then you must need to check the PYTHON PATH environment variable.

The PYTHON PATH environment variable consists of the list of directories of a Python.

To check your PYTHON PATH environment variable, open your command prompt (CMD) and execute the following command:


You will be provided with the paths to each installed Python module on your computer. The Python path for the sqlite3 module needs to be configured. Use the command below to add the following:

export PYTHONPATH=”/usr/local/lib/python3.7/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH”

Then the Modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘_sqlite3’ error will be fixed.

Common Type of Error Occurs

_sqlite3 module is not installed

This error message will occur if the _sqlite3 module is not installed. In this scenario, you must need to install the package by executing “pip install pysqlite3” or “pip install sqlite3“.

In your project directory folder you need to open the command prompt(CMD).

Python version is not compatible with the _sqlite3 module

If the python version is incompatible with the _sqlite3 package, the error will occur in the output. The _sqlite3 is an inbuilt package in python 3, but it is not in current python 2.

When the programmer is executing the script on python 2, It should need to install it separately.

Or else, an error will occur because the compiler will not be able to function properly.

Module is not imported correctly

If the programmer cannot import the module correctly, the error message will occur. Ensure that the programmer is correctly imported the _sqlite3 module in their script.

The modules consist of all the needed dependencies and functions, and if it is missing from the program, an error will appear.

_sqlite3 module has been deleted or moved

When the _sqlite3 module has been removed from the program, the error will appear. Moreover, when the module is deleted or removed.

The programmer should need to re-install it or define the correct PATH to the module in their script.

Module Is Not Built Properly

The other reason why this error appears is that if the module does not build properly, the compiler will not function completely.

However, when the module does not build properly and the library files are removed, then the error will occur.

Syntax error

Syntax errors perform a major role in causing types of errors. These can be as simple as a typo or as serious as employing the incorrect functions and modules.

Maintaining the same name for both the function and the module.


To conclude, After you read this article in detail, we are sure that you will have detailed knowledge of this error. The above solutions can resolve the error Modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘_sqlite3’.

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