Understanding the Power of Array.pop() Method in JavaScript

What is the pop() method in JavaScript, and how to use it to remove the last element from an array?

Discover how to manipulate arrays like a pro and boost your JavaScript skills with our definitive guide on the Array.pop() method.

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What is pop()method in JavaScript?

The JavaScript array.pop() method is used to remove the last element from an array and also return that element.

This method changes the length of the array.

Here’s an example:

let subjects = ["Programming", "English", "Math"];
let lastElement = subjects.pop();✅ 


In this example, the pop() method removes the last element, “Math,” from the subjects array.

The lastElement variable contains the returned value, “Math.”

You can also see that the length of the values of the subjects array decreases.


[ 'Programming', 'English' ] (subjects)

Math (last elements)

2 (subjects length)


arr.pop() ✅



The pop() method does not take any parameters.

Return value

This method returns the removed element from the array. If the array is empty, it will returned undefined.

Here’s an example:

let subjects = [];
let lastElement = subjects.pop();✅ 




Supported Browser

✔ Chrome

✔ Edge

✔ Firefox

✔ Internet Explorer

✔ Safari Opera

Example Usage of pop method

// Let's say we have a list of tasks to do
let tasks = ["Do laundry", "Buy groceries", "Call mom", "Pay bills"];

console.log("Tasks to do: " + tasks);

// Now, we complete each task one by one, removing them from the list
while(tasks.length > 0) {
    let currentTask = tasks.pop();
    console.log("Doing task: " + currentTask);
    console.log("Remaining tasks: " + tasks);

console.log("All tasks completed!");

The example code above, demonstrates how you can use the pop() method to manage and manipulate lists in JavaScript. Its a simple but powerful tool for array manipulation!

Here’s the illustration on how to use pop method:

  1. first declare a tasks array with four elements representing different tasks.

  1. Then use a while loop to keep popping and completing tasks until there are no more tasks left in the array.

  1. In each iteration of the loop, we use the pop() method to remove the last task from the tasks array and store it in the currentTask variable.

  1. Then log the current task and the remaining tasks to the console.

Once all tasks are completed (i.e., when the tasks array is empty), we log a completion message to the console.


Tasks to do: Do laundry,Buy groceries,Call mom,Pay bills

Doing task: Pay bills

Remaining tasks: Do laundry,Buy groceries,Call mom

Doing task: Call mom

Remaining tasks: Do laundry,Buy groceries

Doing task: Buy groceries

Remaining tasks: Do laundry

Doing task: Do laundry

Remaining tasks: 

All tasks completed!

Different scenarios where you might use the pop() method in JavaScript

Here are a few different scenarios where you might use the pop() method in JavaScript:

Scenario 1: Removing the last item from a shopping cart

let shoppingCart = ["LVBag", "Iphone", "NB Shoes"];
console.log("Shopping cart: " + shoppingCart);

let removedItem = shoppingCart.pop(); ✅
console.log("Removed item: " + removedItem);
console.log("Updated shopping cart: " + shoppingCart);


Shopping cart: LVBag,Iphone,NB Shoes

Removed item: NB Shoes

Updated shopping cart: LVBag,Iphone

Scenario 2: Undo functionality in a text editor

let textHistory = ["It", "Welcome to Itsourcecode", "Hi, Welcome to Itsourcecode.com!"];
console.log("Text history: " + textHistory);

let undo = textHistory.pop(); 
console.log("Undo action, removed: " + undo);
console.log("Updated text history: " + textHistory);


Text history: It,Welcome to Itsourcecode,Hi, Welcome to Itsourcecode.com!

Undo action, removed: Hi, Welcome to Itsourcecode.com!

Updated text history: It, Welcome to Itsourcecode

Scenario 3: Backtracking in a browser history

let browserHistory = ["Home", "Search Results", "Itsourcecode.com"];
console.log("Browser history: " + browserHistory);

let back = browserHistory.pop(); 
console.log("Back action, removed: " + back);
console.log("Updated browser history: " + browserHistory);

Browser history: Home, Search Results, Itsourcecode.com

Back action, removed: Itsourcecode.com

Updated browser history: Home, Search Results


In conclusion, the pop() method in JavaScript serves to remove the last element from an array and also returns that element. This operation alters the length of the array.

You can utilize it as a straightforward yet effective tool for array manipulation. The method lacks parameters and, when applied to an empty array, it returns undefined.

We are hoping that this article provides you with enough information that helps you understand the array.pop in JavaScript.

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