111 – Managing SSS Contribution for Payroll System: Table of Contribution and Graphical User Interface

Before we begin with our management to SSS Contribution in our payroll system, it is important to guide us on what are the step by step guide on using the SSS Contribution Table and know how much should be deducted from your monthly salary as SSS contribution.

Step 1. Simply look for the row in the Range of Compensation column representing your monthly salary. If your monthly salary is P10,000.00, the relevant row is the one with the compensation range “P9,750.00 to P10,249.99”.

Step 2. Head over to the Social Security – EE column to see how much your contribution will be. If you are earning P12,000.00 per month, the Employee’s contribution is P363.30. This means you should be seeing P363.30 deducted every month in your payroll as your SSS contribution.

Step 3. Your employer, in turn, will contribute P736.70 for social security, plus P10.00 for the Employees’ Compensation program. The employer’s total contribution is then P736.70.

Below is the Table of Contribution. This will be our reference for our system.

Knowing the scheme for proper identification of Salary range and its corresponding contributions, we are now ready to design our graphical user interface in visual basic. We will now add in our project two forms, frmSSStable:

Here, we have a DataGridview responsible for the display of Salary range from the smallest to the highest with its corresponding contribution of both employee and the employer. Next is the frmNewSSScontribution:

Salary From and To Textbox are the fields for the salary range. Contributions are the corresponding contribution of employee and employer base on the table of contribution. Lets leave the account field for we will be dealing with that in my Accounting Tutorials. Go now to our next lesson for the module.

If you have any questions or suggestion about Managing SSS Contribution for Payroll System: Table of Contribution and Graphical User Interface. Please leave a message in our contact page. thank you.

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