Online Medicine Delivery System Documentation Chapter 2

This Online Medicine Delivery System Documentation Chapter 2 includes the reviewing of local and foreign related literatures that can help the researchers to gather valuable data and ideas that can guide for the development of the proposed system.

It is easy to the readers or researchers to understand the concept of the study.

It gives an overview of the different study that has been done before and the proponents collect some ideas from other study to formulate a new concept to be apply to the develop system.

Chapter 2 Medicine delivery online System : Outline on how to make Review and Related Literature and System

1. Local Related Literature

2. Foreign Related Literature

3. Local Related System

4. Foreign Related System

5. Features and Comaparison of Foreign and Local System

Medicines management

According to Western Pac Surveil Response J. (2015), Medicines management is the entire process of how medicines are selected, procured, delivered, prescribed, administered and reviewed to optimize the contribution they make to producing informed and desired outcomes of patient care.

In the Philippines, medicines management occurs at all levels of government and is different during emergency and non-emergency times.

Health service delivery in the Philippines has been repeatedly disrupted as a result of disasters and emergencies – particularly so after Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013. The objectives of this study were to document existing policies for medicines management in the Philippines during emergency and non-emergency periods and to assess the public sector medicines management system in Haiyan-affected areas during the response.

Log –In

According to Dan Brian (2011) a lot of the websites we visit nowadays are testing and requiring that we create so-called “strong” passwords.

Unfortunately, it is not a practice that every site accommodates, whether because it has not update, edits code to meet these most recent standards, or simply because it lacks the resources to do so. It is then up to the user to create its own personal “Security Best Practices”.

Save Money

According to King Solomon (2011), 23% of the respondents indicated that they save money and they have functional saving pan, while 49% do not have save at all.

The same research reveals that 74% of the respondents save money when the need to save arises, 57% are the opined that large poor o expenditure prevented them from saving money.

35% indicated that with increase in income their needs and desires will also increase in income their needs and desires will also increase which will make them spend more thereby reducing the chance of saving. 22% said they prefer spend what they have today as they don’t know what will happened tomorrow.

18% are the opinion that they simply like spending than saving. As order of medicines is online there will be no need to go to the medical shop and waste money.

Also some websites provides discount coupons that can be used while buying medicines and other medical products. Coupons will give extra discounts as per the offer offered by the seller or any other co-partner of the film. Sometimes it gives more than 20 per cent discount on the amount.

Usable Food Delivery App

According to Hafiz U R Rahman, Mahmood Ashraf, Muhammad Abrar, Abid Mehmood, (2019), Today period is assumed, the world of information technology.

Now a day, people are familiar to use computers, mobiles and mobile applications. Online food ordering and delivery is the process in which order for the food is placed through internet and delivered to the customer to the specified place.

Food delivery Apps, online food ordering systems is basically designed for those People that dont have time to go to restaurant. As the say, money is not money but time is money 

E – Commerce

According to James Chami (2013), E-commerce is growing everywhere in the world but the rate in which it grows varies from country to country. Not all retailers were affected by the growth of e-commerce equally.

Store based retailers that sold books, electronics, music and video are the once who were affected the most.

Borders, a chain of book store has went out of business and also Comet, a British white good and electronics retailer. Virgin Megastore from France and Tower Records from USA has went out of business as well.

And because you don’t need to experience these product in their physical from before buying them.

Health related smartphone applications
According to Pantellis Stergiannis (2015)The rapid evolution of technology, has offered access to a variety of applications and technologies to healthcare professionals.

New operating systems developed in the field of mobile devices revolutionized the way in which they are used. One of the main features offered by advanced software of a smartphone is the user’s access to a wealth of new, impressive applications across several operating systems for smartphones.

The health related applications provided through smartphones, promote more active involvement of patients and healthcare professionals to provided care and are a new tool for improving health.

The purpose of this abstract paper or article was to refer to applications currently used in the health sector, indicating specific capabilities they offer through review of electronic literature, focusing on scientific articles published in databases (PubMed, Scopus, etc.) referring to the potentials they offer.

As technology advances, the development of new health related applications are expected, specialized, with new features. Finally, the use of such applications by health care professionals is essential. Key words: application, health, health professional, smartphone, patient.

Table of Comparison Documentation Online Medicine Delivery System Chapter 2

The Chapter 2 Medicine delivery online System table showed the list of the prior system both foreign and local system and different features that compare the features of Medicine Delivery Mobile System.

Table 1. Features and Comparison of Foreign and Local System

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