2048 Game in Vue JS Project: Free Source code

This article will show you how to install a Vue JS 2048 Game. This web application uses VueJS, a JavaScript framework used for front-end development.

What sets this project apart is its use of a JavaScript framework for a better user interface. Also, Vue can work with other frameworks and tools like CSS, TypeScript, and others.

What is a Web Application (Web App)

A web application is a program that run on a web server. In comparison to desktop apps where they run inside an operating system, Web apps run using web browsers and other web technologies to perform tasks.

What is Vue.JS

Vue.js or Vue is a JavaScript framework for front-end developers. It is used to create single-page applications with stunning UI. Many companies use Vue on their websites. Some of them are Xiaomi, Alibaba, and GitLab.

2048 Game in VueJS Project: How to Install the Project

Installing this web app is easy! Just follow the guide and you will get it done in a breeze!.

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Install and Run XAMPP

    First step is to install XAMPP. This will allow you to run a local web server on your computer. After installation, run XAMPP and start Apache and MySQL

    blood bank management system open xampp

  2. Open the project and locate “project.json” file

    Next step is to locate the JSON file where you can find the instructions to start the web app. Open this file using your selected code or text editor. Now, find the “script” block. This will give you the correct command to start it.

    JSON script command

  3. Open the Command Prompt

    After that you identified the “start” command, Open your CMD terminal and change the directory to the project folder. You can do this by entering “cd “ and the project address. Press enter. Then, type in the “start” command. In this case, the command represents “npm run serve”. You will know that it is successful when you are instructed to open the localhost.

    installing 2048 game vuejs project

  4. Open the 2048 Game in VueJS Project in your browser.

    Now you are ready to run the web application! Enter the link to the web browser. The output looks like this:

    2048 Game using VueJS


So there you have it! 2048 Game in VueJS Project: Free Sourcecode. Vue.JS is versatile and can be used with other frameworks. These projects are good in developing your skills in programming web applications

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Project Name :2048 Game in Vue.JS
Project Platform :Vue.JS
Programming Language Used:php,javascript,html,css
Developer Name :itsourcecode.com
IDE Tool (Recommended):Visual Studio 2019
Project Type :Web Application

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